Dfinity Alliance: Nuance and MODCLUB Partner to Bring Blogging to the Internet Computer

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Dfinity Alliance: Nuance and MODCLUB Partner to Bring Blogging to the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Dfinity Community is pleased to announce that our partner, Nuance, has formed its own collaboration with MODCLUB. To give our readers more insight into the benefits of forging connections through the Dfinity Alliance, we interviewed both teams about what they've gained by working together.


Geoffrey: Please tell us about Nuance. What do you do? How did you come up with the idea for Nuance?

Nuance Team: Nuance is a Web3 blogging platform built by Aikin on the Internet Computer. To the best of our knowledge, it's the world's first blogging platform built entirely on blockchain. Nuance will take advantage of the capabilities enabled by Web3, including community governance and service tokenomics.

We have a team of six dedicated professionals - four software engineers, one product specialist, and one designer. We are scattered across the globe and are all Web3 enthusiasts. Power to the people! Blogging to the people!

Geoffrey: I understand Nuance is working together with MODCLUB. What is MODCLUB? Tell us about yourselves.

MODCLUB Team: MODCLUB is a decentralized, moderation-as-a-service (MaaS), and proof of humanity (POH) platform for decentralized apps deployed on the Internet Computer.

Just as a company might use an API to handle or execute a task or deliver a service they don’t want to build out themselves (for example, maps, search, user management, etc.), decentralized dApps deployed on the Internet Computer can integrate with MODCLUB to comprehensively handle their content moderation activities.

We are a team of eight highly motivated professionals who are committed to making the Internet Computer the premier platform where Web3 citizens can safely and freely work, create, and socialize!

Geoffrey: How did Nuance and Modclub enter into a partnership?

Nuance & MODCLUB Teams: We were introduced by Dukakis via the Dfinity Alliance. It was an organic partnership in that Nuance is a publishing platform with user-generated content. MODCLUB is a moderation-as-a-service platform. Our interests are very much aligned!

Geoffrey: What are you accomplishing together that wasn't possible before? Describe your synergy.

Nuance & MODCLUB Teams: Nuance's mission is to build the world's most trusted platform for long-form content. To help us achieve this, we are setting up an ethics committee to create our first content policies. Once Nuance becomes a DAO, policy changes will be determined by the community. Content moderation is essential to ensure that content policies are followed. Using tokenomics, MODCLUB is building a novel way to do just that!

Geoffrey: What future services do you plan to offer to Internet Computer users? What can you provide to other prospective partners?

Nuance Team: At Nuance, we are attempting to create an “article NFT” standard, which could be used anywhere. An author could write an article on Nuance, mint an NFT of that article, and then, using their wallet, distribute that content on any compatible platform with all provenance and interactions are captured across all platforms. The article NFT would be made available via an irrevocable API to guarantee no “bait and switch” as used by today's Web2 social media platforms.


On the Internet Computer, we can all accomplish more by working together! If your team or project is interested in the Dfinity Alliance or making connections, please reach out to us.

Here are some ways to contact us:

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