Dfinity Community Is Officially Rebranding as CoinHustle

Dfinity Community Is Officially Rebranding as CoinHustle
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Table of Contents

DfinityCommunity is now officially rebranding as CoinHustle. As you can tell from the original name of the project, we’ve always been about building the biggest community of web3 users on the Internet Computer. That goal has been accomplished!

Dear faithful Dfinity Community readers. You know this has been a long time coming, but the day has finally arrived. Dfinity Community is now officially rebranding as CoinHustle. We want to take a moment to thank all of you for what we’ve been able to accomplish in the past year.

As you can tell from the original name of the project, we’ve always been about building the biggest community of web3 users on the Internet Computer. That goal has been accomplished! To date, we have more than 12,000 subscribers to our newsletter, more than 58,000 followers on Twitter, over 3,000 in our Telegram chat, and 716 members on OpenChat (hosted on the Internet Computer blockchain).

So why are we rebranding as CoinHustle? Here are the three primary reasons.

The new CoinHustle logo!

#1 Rebranding as CoinHustle Shows that We Are Not and Have Never Been Part of DFINITY

There has always been some confusion in the community as a result of our branding. We used the name Dfinity Community to bring together Internet Computer users, but we were never a part of the DFINITY Foundation. Thanks to our rebranding as CoinHustle, we hope to make a clear distinction for the community. We are a separate web3 media outlet that is not associated with the foundation. We simply love their product and want to bring as many eyes to the Internet Computer as possible.

#2 It's Time to Expand Our Reach and Bring More Eyes to the Internet Computer

We love the community that we’ve been able to create on the IC. However, if we are going to bring more eyes to the Internet Computer, we need to expand beyond the scope of just people who are already using ICP technology. How can we do that while only focusing on topics that are relevant to the IC blockchain?

Therefore, in order to reach a broader scope of web3 users, we are rebranding as CoinHustle. Our content will continue to cover Internet Computer topics (as it always has), but we will also work to attract the attention of other blockchain users, web3 enthusiasts, and crypto traders in general. This will allow us to expand the community beyond the limited scope of existing Internet Computer users.

In this way, we hope to reach our greater goal of bringing more users to the Internet Computer ecosystem.

#3 We Have Set the Lofty Goal of 1 Million Subscribers for CoinHustle

Will there ever be 1 million users of the Internet Computer? We wholeheartedly believe there will be far more than that, and we want to be a part of how it happens. Rebranding as CoinHustle is a part of our larger goal to bring over 1 million people to our community.

As we mentioned earlier, we have a little over 12,000 newsletter subscribers to start 2023. That’s a 50% increase over this time last year. And while that is phenomenal growth for a newsletter with a niche target audience, our goals require exponential growth during 2023. We can accomplish this together!

#4 We Have Big Plans

Our original vision was to support DFINITY's mission of reinventing the internet, and we're not done yet. We want to be a leading voice in the crypto space.

We're excited to reach, inform, educate, and entertain even more people on our journey to becoming one of the most influential Web3 media companies in the world.

We'll accomplish this by:

  • Building an amazing team of motivated and well-incentivized marketers, content creators, and storytellers.
  • Building an innovative business model that will allow us to have the resources needed to keep expanding our influence.
  • Creating fresh, informative, entertaining, and impactful content that will keep our audience coming for more and turn them into advocates and promoters of our brand.
  • Creating a modern media brand and community people want to be part of and advocate for.
  • Applying creative strategies for content distribution and traffic acquisition.
  • Quickly adapting our content, and general strategies to be always at the forefront of the newest trends and changes in the liking of content consumers.

If you have already subscribed to our newsletter, thank you! You are the true OGs of the Internet Computer, and we look forward to bringing exciting content to your inbox for many years to come as we help build the Internet Computer ecosystem into something far grander than what the Dfinty Community brand was able to accomplish.

Welcome to our rebranding as CoinHustle: the future of web3 media for the Internet Computer blockchain and beyond!

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