ICPSquad Weekly: The Sudden Halt on Distrikt's And Its Implications

ICPSquad Weekly: The Sudden Halt on Distrikt's And Its Implications
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Discover the world of ICP with updates on Distrikt, Yumi, Dmail, and more!

Hello ICP Squad, brace yourself for an exciting journey through the latest happenings in the ICP world.

In this newsletter, we will be discussing:

  • The sudden halt on Distrikt's progress and its implications
  • Yumi's golden trio: NFTs, GLDT, and USDG
  • Dmail amassing an impressive 500,000 subscribers in a single week
  • DFINITY is starting a weekly newsletter about the multi-chain future
  • The global conquest of the Internet Computer (ICP)
  • Bull Run Predictions for $ICP for '24-'25
  • Sonic's equity acquisition in Elna

Decoding the Distrikt Dilemma: Pausing Progress on the Decentralized Frontier

Today, we're diving into the sudden halt of the iconic social networking app, Distrikt. A bitter-sweet moment for decentralized tech enthusiasts indeed!

📍Distrikt's developers decided to stop their progress after a thoughtful analysis of market conditions, growth projections, and legislative changes.

📍This isn't a spur-of-the-moment decision — it's the result of years of dedication and hard work.

📍This app strove to offer a private and fair space for community interactions, propelled by the Internet Computer platform.

📍Despite phenomenal community support and reaching important milestones, the team deemed moving forward unfeasible, fearing a compromise in their vision and values.

📍While no more development is planned for now, the team is keen to keep the platform operational in some way.

Yumi Unveils Golden Trio: NFTs, GLDT, and USDG!

Yumi reiterates that it's more than a marketplace - it's a beacon of trust, embodying the core of the Gold DAO, democratizing and safeguarding gold’s value

Yumi unfolds its pivotal role across three transformative phases:

  • In Phase 1, dive into the innovative realm with the introduction of GLD NFTs—a refreshing perspective on the timeless allure of gold.
  • Phase 2 is the gateway to personalization as GLDT arrives, enabling you to breathe life into your gold assets.
  • Concluding the triad in Phase 3, anticipate the arrival of USDG—real gold as the backbone of currency.

Dmail's SubHub Takes Flight - The Future of Web3 Communication

Forget traditional messages, the future of web3 communication is here with the launch of Dmail's SubHub, amassing an impressive 500,000 subscribers in a single week!

  • Dmail’s new SubHub platform leads the way in web3 communication.
  • This tech marvel enables businesses to communicate directly with customers' wallets and DIDs.
  • The SubHub has gone viral, gaining half a million subscribers within a week of launch.
  • The integration of web3 communication and direct wallet messaging is stirring up the digital world – and people are excited! 🚀

Unlocking the Future: Dive into a Multi-Chain Revolution Every Monday!

  • Explore the boundless possibilities of the multi-chain landscape with Dfinity's weekly space.
  • Don't miss out on insights from the visionary Dominic Willians, Dfinity's Chief Scientist as he unveils the captivating multi-chain vision of ICP.

Global Conquest: Internet Computer Turns up the Heat 🔥

Taking over the world, one computing hub at a time, the Internet Computer (ICP) is making strides across the globe with its cutting-edge technology. The best part? You get to stay in the loop with all their latest moves and announcements.

- The ICP Hub in Indonesia has launched a large-scale education initiative titled "Indonesia On-Chain" with 20 universities and 75 high schools jumping on board, backed by five Indonesian Ministries. That's some solid support!

- Meanwhile, the ICP Hub in the Balkans hosted a cool TeenHack Ideathon, fostering the next generation of Web 3.0 creators.

- Over in East Africa, the ICP Hub was present at the DevFest Nairobi, promoting their free blockchain course and the vision of a decentralized internet. Tantalizing stuff!

- Not to be outdone, the ICP Hub in Hong Kong shook hands at Fintech Week HK, gracing events with hosts like Switzerland Consulate General and Trade Officer, San Wang.

- The ICP Hub West Africa team made a splash at the "Digital Nigeria International Conference" and even got a spotlight moment on NITDA IMPACT, a weekly program aligning with the National Digital Economic Policy and Strategy.

Most importantly, the global expansion of ICP influence is remarkable and steadily progressing, earning praises and positivity from the netizens worldwide.

Unveiling $ICP's Stellar Path: Bull Run Predictions for '24-'25

Crypto aficionado, Jerry Banfield forecasts promising climbs for Internet Computer Protocol ($ICP) prices in 2024 and 2025. Stay tuned for the crypto bull run we've all been waiting for!

- Jerry's price prediction suggests a promising scenario for $ICP in the upcoming years.

- Some crypto enthusiasts are noting discrepancies in ICP's price chart and market cap earlier this year - a point to ponder.

- Tweets surrounding $ICP show an encouraging sentiment. Fans exclaim, "$ICP to the moon soon...", indicating high faith in the token.

💡Sonic Amplifies Support with Equity's Acquisition in Elna

Good news arrives as Sonic secures equity in Elna, promising to enhance the customer service experience significantly.

  • Elna's integration will provide users with an accessible chatbot.
  • Support will circulate around two stages, addressing basic questions and intricate problems separately.
  • Hints of a multi-chain future with ICP, laying the next keystone.

In this newsletter, we've covered the halt of Distrikt, Yumi's golden trio, the success of Dmail's SubHub, DFINITY's multi-chain vision, ICP's global conquest, $ICP's bull run predictions, Sonic's acquisition of Elna Live, and Jerry Banfield's $ICP predictions.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of crypto!

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