Introducing Dfinity Community: Community Hub For All Things Internet Computer & ICP

Daniel James
Daniel James
Introducing Dfinity Community: Community Hub For All Things Internet Computer & ICP
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Birth Of Dfinity Community

Dfinity Community is an initiative that has been established by Dukakis Tejada, an experienced Crypto marketer and community builder, in order to support the Internet Computer’s vision of reinventing the internet.

The Vision

While the Internet Computer aims to essentially become a decentralized internet to rival the monopolization of servers by big tech, the Dfinity Community has equally grandiose aspirations. In short, the community will stop at nothing less than becoming the most influential crypto community in the world.

We will be partnering with the most promising projects on the Internet Computer to promote them to you, our community.

How We Will Achieve The Vision

Dfinity Communiry Vision
Dfinity Community Vision

There are several ways in which the community will achieve this goal:

  • Inspire - We aim to inspire the community to become global evangelists of the Internet Computer, educating the general public about the game-changing properties of the project.
  • Influence - The community will actively engage the world across multiple social media platforms and websites to relentlessly pursue crypto community hegemony.
  • Build - We aim to build a diverse and robust community to strengthen and grow the Internet Computer ecosystem.
  • Support -  The community is a positive space, including all the necessary support and resources. It is somewhere where those that believe in the fundamentals of the project can come together to learn, build and grow. Together we are stronger.

A Breakdown of Dfinity Community Initiatives

There are several initiatives that will help us to grow our community and incentivize participation:

Community Portal:

This will include our news site, educational materials, related articles, a community leaderboard recognizing outstanding contributions to the cause with a resultant reward program, as well as podcasts, videos, tools, and so on.

Help to Earn:

This initiative will allow community members to earn $ICP for completing tasks, tutorials, and building tools.

ICPSquad Conference:

This will be an annual conference with the purpose of bringing together like-minded professionals and Internet Computer enthusiasts to network and share ideas and developments.

ICPSquad Ventures DAO:

This will be a community-driven investment DAO designed to provide funds for promising projects building on the Internet Computer. The Dao Ventures will be composed of the Dfinity Community operational team and its contributors. Interested in being a contributor?.... Join here.

ICPSquad Academy:

This will be in collaboration with Motoko School and will be an educational program that helps developers to learn how to build on the Internet Computer as well as teaching the benefits of doing so.

ICPSquad Tuesdays (to be launched at a later date):

An in-person/online networking event related to all things ‘Internet Computer’.

ICPSquad Hackathons:

A monthly or quarterly event held to encourage developers around the world to build on the Internet Computer.

ICPSquad ‘Swag’:

ICP Squad merchandise to go on sale; including clothing, phone cases, coffee mugs, and so on.

ICPSquad Media:

A Media and PR team responsible for the dissemination of positive and educational information and material related to all things Internet Computer.

Benefits for Being Part Of The Community

Access to the Community Portal which includes everything necessary to become immersed into the community ecosystem.

  • Network with community leaders globally.
  • Exclusive content, insights, and opportunities within the Internet Computer ecosystem.
  • Opportunities to organize local events and become a local community leader.
  • Earn rewards for contributing to the community and ecosystem.

Community Growth

The Dfinity Community will aim to establish dominant global roots. We already have a growing social media presence, with thousands of members worldwide. By the second half of 2022, our aim is to have over 100k active social media followers and group members.

Our Growth Targets:

Dfinity Community Milestones

Q2 2021

  • 10k community members
  • Build founding team
  • Recruit contributors for content creation
  • "Help to earn" launch
  • Community blog launch
  • ICPSquad merch store launch

Q 3 2021

  • 30k community members
  • News site launch
  • Engage to Earn NFT community outreach

Q4 2021

  • 50k community members
  • ICPSquad newsletter launch
  • Engage to Earn NFT release

Q1 2022

  • 75k community members
  • Community portal launch
  • ICPSquad DAO ventures launch
  • Build team ICPSquad media
  • ICPSquad hackathon launch
  • Engage to Earn NFT development

Q2-Q4 2022

  • 100k community members
  • ICPSquad APP launch
  • ICPSquad school
  • ICPSquad conference
  • Engage to Earn NFT gamification

Get Involved And Become A Contributor

Join our growing list of contributors by filling out this form. We are all volunteers, working together to support the Internet Computer’s vision of reinventing the internet.

We need contributors with the following skills:

  • Article and blog writing
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Community management
  • Content curation
  • Software development
  • Event management

Benefits for contributors

  • Dfinity Community's most active contributors will have the opportunity to join our future Venture DAO where we will collectively invest in the best IC-based projects.
  • Gain recognition & exposure within the Internet Computer ecosystem for all of the content you produce.
  • We will use our social media platforms to give you credit for your work, which can help you increase your following.
  • Network with community leaders and influential people within the ecosystem.
  • We will offer the tools and resources you need to support the work done for Dfinity Community.

Join Us To Build The World's Most Influential Crypto Community


Connect With Us:

Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Facebook | Email

Connect with the author: Twitter | Email

Disclaimer: The community itself is not affiliated with the Dfinity Foundation but aims to become an indispensable ally to further the next generation of the internet, working cooperatively to ensure the success of the project.

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