Nuance Beta Release: Available Exclusively on the Internet Computer

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Nuance Beta Release: Available Exclusively on the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Now is the perfect time for new authors sign up for Nuance to benefit from early exposure to grow their audiences before they get lost in the crowd.

Nuance is pleased to announce the beta release of its highly anticipated blogging platform, which is available exclusively on the Internet Computer.

Veteran bloggers and other online authors will note Nuance's similarities to Medium and the now-defunct JukePop. The target audience overlaps. But thanks to ICP's revolutionary improvements on prior blockchain technology, which allows lightning-fast transactions and cheap storage capabilities, Nuance is the first decentralized long-form content platform to exist entirely on-chain without dependencies on proprietary API or commercial web services. This gives Nuance an edge over its predecessors and current competitors.

With Nuance:

  • Writers can monetize their content directly without worrying about mediator services taking a large cut of the profit or the platform disappearing due to changes in business terms or API.
  • Writers will own their content and have complete control over their data; there is no need to forfeit any intellectual property rights or worry about advertisers or third parties undermining the writers' values and goals.
  • Writers will enjoy the security and utility of the Internet Computer's tamper-proof, hassle-free Internet Identity mechanism; no need to worry about account loss, hacking, or other unauthorized access from remote parties.
  • Readers will also enjoy generous privacy protections, thanks to UserGeek's conscientious approach to blockchain analytics that respects users' rights to own their data and determine its usage.
  • The community will decide on acceptable content and moderation democratically, unlike on traditional social media; in other words, writers will not be canceled simply for having unpopular left-wing or right-wing political opinions. Nuance will provide reasonable protections for freedom of speech.

Now is the perfect time for new authors to sign up for Nuance to benefit from early exposure to grow their audiences before they get lost in the crowd. People will always remember early adopters of cutting-edge publishing technology, and Internet Computer users have already proven to be a dedicated and creative community.

Although hosted on the Internet Computer, Nuance is accessible to anyone using an Internet connection regardless of Internet Identity status. This is very important to emphasize since content creators will want to reach the broadest audience possible. Nuance includes avenues to submit feedback and ideas, which will be especially vital to shaping the dApp as it matures. Nuance wants to hear your voice and take your ideas into consideration to create the best user experience possible, so don't hesitate to send their team suggestions!

Please note: Nuance understands that its beta release may contain bugs. Not all features are active yet, but I've been able to create an account, publish posts, and embed images without major issues. Nuance is committed to creating a seamless, enjoyable user experience. You matter, and any problems you have will be taken very seriously. Nuance has outstanding customer service. If content creators or readers encounter any difficulties, Nuance encourages you to reach out to work toward resolving glitches now rather than later.

To show you what's possible on Nuance, here's my first post in a novel serialization!

Happy reading!

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