How to Create Your Internet Identity: Easy Step by Step Guide

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
How to Create Your Internet Identity: Easy Step by Step Guide
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Internet Identity blockchain authentication system enables you to sign in securely and anonymously to dapps (decentralized applications) on the Internet Computer. For example, your Internet Identity can be used to log in to the Network Nervous System app (NNS), where you can store and stake ICP and participate in the governance of the Internet Computer.

Getting Started

To create an Internet Identity, you will need a device with a security authentication feature (e.g., a security key like Yubikey, smart phone passcode or locking option, or a biometrics fingerprint or face ID). If you are using a Microsoft PC with Windows Hello, you will follow a different procedure. Otherwise, follow the below simple steps.

Simple Steps

  1. Open a supported browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). Go to Click on register with a new identity.
  2. Enter your device’s name (e.g., "My Google Pixel 4"). Then click register.
  3. Then select your choice of authentication method. Authenticate either with your security key, smart phone passcode or locking option, or a biometrics fingerprint or face ID.
  4. Confirm registration. You will be provided with your Internet Identity number. Note the number, and save the number somewhere secure.
  5. Press continue; you will be directed to a warning page that asks you to set up account recovery. Continue and choose your recovery option. You can select either seed phrase and/or a security key. Press continue again, and you're done.

Feeling lost? Here's a more detailed guide

Internet Computer | Documentation
Documentation for the internet computer.
How to use Internet Identity

Video demonstration

You can change your recovery method whenever you want by logging into Here, you can also manage or add authorized devices and change your seed phrase or security key. If you use a seed phrase, be sure to save it in a secure, physical location as a best practice! Even if you lose it, you can still change your seed phrase by logging into using existing devices.

Take your Internet Identity for a test drive! Log in and explore the NNS UI or check out DSCVR. Now you're all set to securely and effortlessly participate in the expansive Internet ecosystem.

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