The Gold DAO, spearheaded by DAO.Link, stands as one of the most ambitious undertakings within the ICP ecosystem and, dare I say, the broader crypto sphere over the past five years. Its audacious goal? To bring gold into the digital age by harnessing the potential of blockchain technology. WE ARE BULLISH.

For millennia, gold has held a unique place in human history, symbolizing wealth, craftsmanship, and enduring value. Its timeless properties – resistance to corrosion, malleability, and scarcity – have made it an enduring symbol of prestige and financial power. However, despite its long-standing reputation, the physicality of gold has posed challenges to its use as a medium of exchange, rendering it impractical for everyday transactions.

Enter Web 3.0 and blockchain technology. The Gold DAO is set to address this long-standing issue by digitizing gold through blockchain-based tokens, marrying the enduring appeal of gold with the decentralization, transparency, and security of blockchain technology. This is a union long-awaited by crypto enthusiasts and precious metal aficionados alike.

At its core, the Gold DAO project aims to democratize access to gold and redefine its role in the digital and financial world. It brings together an impressive consortium of innovative companies and digital gold pioneers, including the ORIGYN Protocol, Yumi, DFINITY Foundation, Bity, Metalor, Loomis, KPMG, and Quantum Agency. Together, they are reshaping the future of gold, making it more accessible and secure for everyone. The Gold DAO signifies a new era in gold's digital existence, emphasizing collective innovation.

The project's motivation is two-fold: first, to create a secure and compliant commodity based on physical gold stored in Switzerland, making it a liquid means of exchange while maintaining the benefits of gold's inherent value. Second, it aims to leverage the security of gold to create a USD-pegged stable coin and others, either collateralized by digital gold commodities or Gold NFTs.

The security and compliance of the Gold DAO are paramount. Physical gold is insured and stored at Loomis and Metalor in Switzerland, audited regularly by KPMG. The use of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) further bolsters the project's transparency and decentralization, preventing malicious actors from disrupting it. The Service Nervous System (SNS) ensures project continuity and empowers SNS holders to participate in governance while sharing in project revenues.

The Gold DAO's journey unfolds in three phases:

Phase 1: The creation of GLD NFTs, representing secure and audited physical gold assets, indexed to the second fixing of the LBMA price and available in various denominations. These NFTs are backed by physical gold bars stored in high-security facilities. This phase 1 is already live on Yumi.

Phase 2: Transformation of GLD NFTs into the fungible digital gold token, GLDT. This enhances divisibility and transferability, making it an ideal medium of exchange based on the gold price.

Phase 3: The creation of a stable-coin, USDG, indexed to the U.S. dollar, collateralized by GLDT, and financed by SNS-collected funds. The stable coin will come under other currencies than dollar in the future.

SNS holders will play a central role in governing the Gold DAO project, participating in decision-making processes and enjoying financial incentives. Holding GLDGov tokens also grants indirect exposure to digital gold assets, offering a stake in the project's success.

The Gold DAO project is further fueled by the ORIGYN Foundation, which has committed to providing $OGY tokens to SNS holders, creating a fully deflationary mechanism as no new $OGY tokens will ever be minted. This adds a compelling economic dimension to the Gold DAO's value proposition.

In a world where digital innovation meets timeless value, the Gold DAO is set to redefine our relationship with gold and offers a vision for the future that is as ambitious as it is groundbreaking. Watch this space closely, for the Gold DAO is set to make history in the world of crypto and finance.

We can’t wait to see it taking form, and we are pretty bullish on its development.

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