Join the Club! Introducing MODCLUB DAO

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Join the Club! Introducing MODCLUB DAO
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

MODCLUB is a revolutionary platform that aims to provide a comprehensive solution for dApps to manage and moderate user-generated content, while also ensuring the authenticity of their users.

MODCLUB is an exciting new platform that provides a range of verification and moderation services for decentralized applications (dApps) on the DFINITY blockchain. With a focus on community growth, their roadmap includes a range of features such as Proof of Humanity, NFT Listing Verification, Content Moderation, and Decentralized Voting. With plans to expand to other blockchains and traditional SAAS companies, MODCLUB is positioning itself as a leader in the space of on-chain moderation and verification.

In this Coinhustle exclusive interview with MODCLUB's COO, we delve into the specifics of the platform, discussing their plans for AI facial recognition, multi-IP restriction, and customer-defined moderation, among other exciting topics!

Interview with Pema, COO of MODCLUB

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself

I'm Pema, and I am the COO of MODCLUB. I hold a master's degree in Global Capital Markets and Economics from the University of Toronto and have been working with our CEO Raheel for over a year on the MODCLUB project.

Q: What drew you into the wild world of blockchain technology?

What initially attracted me to blockchain technology was the proliferation of user-generated content over the past decade and the issues that have arisen as a result, such as misinformation, hate speech, spam, scams, and bots. With the growth of decentralized platforms, the need for moderation and Proof of Humanity (POH) becomes even more important. The ease of creating a wallet address on Web3 also increases the risk of bot swarms. We recognized the growing need for content moderation on the blockchain and wanted to build a solution that addresses this problem.

Q: Why did you choose to build on the Internet Computer?

When deciding on which platform to build on, we chose the Internet Computer (IC) for its scalability and the ability to avoid high gas fees and slow performance. The IC developer community is also creating a lot of great applications based on user-generated content and we wanted to contribute to this community by developing a useful solution. This led to the creation of MODCLUB.

Q: When did MODCLUB get off the ground?

MODCLUB was established in 2021 and launched its beta version in May 2022. Our business model is based on offering a decentralized verification and content moderation platform. We provide bot-resistant human verification services that are scalable to clients' needs and also offer decentralized content moderation as a service. Platforms can set their own rules and send their user-generated content to us for review by our moderators. We take a percentage of the tokens in the transaction between the customer dApps and the moderators. Our long-term goal is to introduce a full governance system that allows the community to control the evolution of MODCLUB and utilizing the SNS for our future governance.

Q: What sets MODCLUB apart?

What sets MODCLUB apart is that we offer benefits to both end-users and moderators. Our platform is an affordable outsourcing service for dApp developers that guarantees the integrity of their community culture and user experience. Moderators, on the other hand, benefit by earning rewards for the services they provide. We are committed to solving problems for developers and providing opportunities for our moderators, and aim for the platform to be owned by the community through a DAO. We want everyone to join the club!

Q: What challenges have you faced at MODCLUB?

We have encountered some technical challenges, as is to be expected when working with such new technology. The Dfinity development ecosystem is still growing, so there are limitations on what can be achieved. For example, canister-to-canister querying is not currently possible and the 4GB size limitation of canisters was a challenge. However, we were able to overcome these challenges, which is part of the excitement of working with the DFINITY Foundation in real-time.

Q: What's MODCLUB's vision?

Our short-term goals are to complete our current platform and allow for market expansion. Our developers will be working on building out Web2 support via REST API and multi-blockchain capabilities. Our long-term vision for MODCLUB is to tap into its vast potential and create an endless number of possibilities. We want to develop a programmable custom verification service that can be used for a wide range of applications, similar to a modern Mechanical Turk. Other premium features we plan to implement include AI-assisted verification, AI facial recognition, multi-IP restriction, IP-based geofencing, browser fingerprinting, and full KYC verification.

Q: What edge do you have an edge over competitors?

MODCLUB is modular, customizable, cost-effective, and all on-chain. However, what truly sets us apart is our community of moderators. The IC community has been incredibly supportive and helpful. For example, we ran the whitelist for the Flower Power DAO Pineapple Punks NFT launch, which was the largest NFT launch in IC history. We received and processed over 7,000 sign-ups on our platform in one day. We truly are community-powered.

Q: Who are the members of the MODCLUB team?

Working with the rest of the MODLCUB team has been a great privilege. Raheel, our founder and CEO, has over a decade of experience in tech. He is a seasoned software engineer with product development and leadership experience. I also work closely with Rhiannon, our Social Media and Community Manager, who is an experienced leader and manager of many online communities. Additionally, we have a great team of engineers, lawyers, and marketing experts.

Q: What's your advice for people who want to build on the IC?

My advice would be to lean on the community. This is a new space and new technology, and anyone trying to build on the IC will likely face challenges on both the technical and business sides. We have received great guidance and support from DFINITY team members, other application developers, and most importantly, from community members. So, don’t be afraid to reach out for help and support.

Q: What other IC projects excite you?

There are so many exciting projects on the Internet Computer (IC)! I have to mention Entrepot, the largest NFT marketplace on the IC. Glue can be added to your Discord server and helps grow and manage tokenized communities. InfinitySwap is making waves as a platform where you can create, stake, and swap tokens. And we've been following Finterest, a DeFi app where you can lend and borrow against your crypto.

Q: Are you interested in any collabs?

Our entire model is based on collaborating with other projects! One collaboration we're particularly excited about is with Entrepot. We're integrating both our Proof of Humanity and Content Moderation products with Entrepot. Our content moderation solution will be used to check each new project listed on the Entrepot marketplace for violations of their terms and conditions. This will include objective reviews of copyright/trademark infringement, SEC regulation violations, and explicit content, to name a few.

Entrepot will also be using our Proof of Humanity product to verify addresses and allow creators to give verified humans minting priority. This will help prevent bots from scooping up competitive NFT launches, giving our IC community members a better and more fair experience.

Q: Are there any token sales in MODCLUB's future?

Yes, we will be doing a token sale in the future! We hope to leverage the SNS, and we've been working closely with the DFINITY Foundation. In the meantime, we're excited to announce our Crowdfund NFT campaign, open until February 19th, 2023! Community members who participate in our upcoming Crowdfund NFT Campaign get the opportunity to become Exclusive Members. Holders of our Gold, Silver, and Bronze Card NFTs gain access to rewards, perks, exclusive drops, and governance tokens. More details about MODCLUB's Crowdfund NFT Campaign can be found on our website here:

CrowdFund NFT
Join our growing community of over 3000 backers and builders who will help you get your idea off the ground

Check out our Crowdfund NFT Promo Video!

Q: Who are some of your partners?

We have many amazing IC partners, such as Nuance, Catalyze, Entrepot, Flower Power DAO, Infinity Swap, and ICPSwap, to name a few! Nuance was the first to integrate with our decentralized content moderation, and they're actively sending us their user-generated content (UGC) for moderation. We tweet about our partnerships all the time, so please follow us on our Twitter.

Q: What's your main focus right now?

Our main focus right now is getting our Crowdfund NFT Campaign off the ground and working on our Entrepot integration. The Crowdfund NFT Campaign will help us fund and achieve our team's goals to round out our current platform by allowing for market expansion. Our developers will be working on building out Web2 support via REST API and Multi-blockchain capabilities.

Q: What's your roadmap?

That's a question best answered with bullet points!

Present: Core Verification Services and Community Growth

  • Proof of Humanity
  • NFT Listing Verification
  • Full end-to-end whitelisting service
  • Content Moderation
  • Decentralized Voting
  • SDK

3 Months: Premium Features and Market Expansion

  • AI Facial Recognition
  • Multi-IP restriction
  • IP-based geofencing
  • Browser fingerprinting
  • KYC Verification
  • Web 2 Support
  • Multi-blockchain

6 months: Customer-defined moderation

  • Programmable custom verification service
  • Multiple use-case capabilities (e.g. Modern Day Mechanical Turk)

Q: What are your standards to verify humanity and UGC, and what kind of data and UGC are valuable and useful for dApps?

For Proof of Humanity, we are developing a configurable system that allows for the addition of levels of verification to improve the confidence that a user is human. Users can be asked for photos, videos, or live recordings, for example, and these levels can be scaled up or down depending on the dApp's goals. For UGC moderation, dApps can send text, images, videos, plus additional metadata like categories, user ID, post number, and likes, as well as any other evidence that would help the moderator review the content. The moderator would then review the content based on the rules/guidelines set by the dApp.

Q: Do you have plans to go cross-chain?

Yes, we envision a future where we integrate with other blockchains as well as traditional SAAS companies. However, currently, we are focused on DFINITY first. We believe in the IC reverse gas model and think the IC protocol is much more user-friendly for the general population.

Q: How do you plan to protect user data?

A: Personal information will be removed after review, and we will use encryption for any sensitive data that we need to store. Our goal is to keep everything on-chain and within the IC, so there are fewer attack vectors and we can leverage the existing security of the IC.

Conclusion: Join the Club!

In conclusion, MODCLUB is a revolutionary platform that aims to provide a comprehensive solution for dApps to manage and moderate user-generated content, while also ensuring the authenticity of their users.

The platform offers a wide range of features, including Proof of Humanity, NFT Listing Verification, Whitelisting services, Content Moderation, Decentralized Voting, and more. With a clear roadmap that includes exciting developments like AI facial recognition and programmable custom verification services, MODCLUB is poised to become an essential tool for any dApp looking to build a strong, engaged community.

If you're interested in learning more about MODCLUB, be sure to visit their website at and follow them on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates and community engagement.


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