Nuance: Giving Authors Control

Nuance: Giving Authors Control
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Since the Genesis of the Internet Computer, many cool dApps have surfaced, ranging from decentralized finance to decentralized social they run entirely on-chain.

Nuance is one such decentralized application building the gateway to the open internet publishing platform built by @AikinDApps.

Nuance is built for authors driving the open internet revolution to crush three fundamental problems that persist in the industry:

  • Risk of censorship - the monopolization of the internet has created CEO censorship
  • Lack of ownership - ownership of their work is foregone or unclear
  • Unfair monetization - authors have a right to a fair share of the value their labor creates (as are all contributors)
Check out the dapp here - (alpha release)

Why do I keep on repeating the phrase "On-Chain"?

It lets smart contracts do wonders. There are a few dapps such as Entrepot, DSCVR, Distrikt, OpenChat, etcetera... building and running solely on the Internet Computer Protocol.

Nuance was one of the first few dapps that received Developer grants from DFINITY Foundation and had raised pre-seed from an angel investor.

Nuance is a blogging platform that will utilize the power of Web3 and create a token economy to benefit and incentivize community governance and contributors. Authors will reach the zenith of content ownership and distribution once Nuance matures with its novel smart contracts and tokenomics.

Currently, Nuance Alpha is live and used by roughly 200 users who write and post. Nuance has its sights on becoming the Publishing platform for the Open Internet building on the Internet Computer.

The popular blogging platform Medium has around 170M+ active readers and 1M+ Subscribers. Blogs and Articles are a vital part of Internet Consumerism and need a significant upgrade for proper incentivization and fuel censorship resistance.

Built on, and for, the new web.

NFTs allow readers, sponsors, and investors to support authors and share in the upside of that support.

Nuance was one of the first few dapps that had received developer grants from the DFINITY Foundation.

Basically: NFTize everything.

It’s not too long until the web3 and Web2 communities realize the potential of the Internet Computer Protocol NFTs.

Every article on Nuance will be an NFT that can be fractionalized and used for any number of creative monetization approaches and novel creator economies.

Canister Smart Contracts are highly composable and scalable, letting devs paint the dapp however the community wants it to be painted.

Fractionalizing the content makes it scarce and abundant at the same time. This enables NFTs to be scarce and plentiful at the same time. How?

Photo by Sigmund / Unsplash

Every article on Nuance will be an NFT. If I have a handy report, it can be fractionalized into NFTs and distributed to the community, fans, collectors, etc. - literally anyone. Of course, I will cap it into 10,000 pieces, sell or airdrop them and choose to reallocate a certain percentage of revenue with these NFTs. Now, fractionalization makes them scarce and valuable.

How is it still abundant?

I can enable the NFTs to participate in governance by giving them governance rights and voting power. Now you have 10,000 NFTs with 1 Vote each and spread among, say, 9000 holders?

Photo by Maria Lysenko / Unsplash

These 9000 holders will naturally reach a consensus that will incentivize them with rewards for their goodwill and contribution. This is a vital fuel to censorship resistance as well.

Community ownership (DAO) provides censorship resistance.

Basic Monetization plans include for

  • Article NFT demand and release
  • Micropayment upvotes ( tips )
  • Subscriptions
  • Advertising

Nuance will eventually expand into magazines, books, journals, and newspapers (local) by blending NFTs and DAOs. Nuance will have features that allow users to own their data — and even take their data elsewhere if they choose to do so.

Nuance is already collaborating with other Internet Computer Protocol projects such as Internet Astronauts, User Geek for analytics, Modclub for moderation, Toniq for NFT minting, and Psychedelic for NFT provenance.

Working on the IC is the most fun I have ever had building software. The capabilities of the IC create an entirely new spectrum of solutions to overcome user problems that are just not solvable on web2. We love building software, and we believe that web3 is the next major software iteration. I think of the IC as "Web3 in a box."

- Team Aikin

Connect with Nuance

Twitter |

Graphic Designer  - Jay Damani: Twitter | Instagram

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