Engage with Our Website Articles and Social Media to Earn Prizes!

Daniel James
Daniel James
Engage with Our Website Articles and Social Media to Earn Prizes!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Hello Dfinity Community!

To welcome in 2022, we want to ramp up our initiative to get you guys energized and engaged!

We want to drive up engagement with our social media posts and our website articles. We need your comments! :)

As a result, each month, we will set aside $150 worth of prizes and some exclusive merch for the top 3 community members.

How to win

To win these prizes and earn community status, you need to do these things:

  1. Share our articles on Twitter, DSCVR, or your preferred social media platform and use the hashtag #ICPSquad. You'll see the share icons below the headline of each article. Add @icpfan8 and/or @icpfan9 so we can see the shares easily.
  2. Sign up to our newsletter for occasional hidden treasure
  3. Most importantly, COMMENT on articles on this website by SUBSCRIBING as well as those shared by the official Dfinity Community account, @icpsquad and like and retweet to show us you are loyal readers. Winners will be chosen each month. Commenting on our articles by subscribing as well as on Twitter with the hashtag #ICPSquad is the best way to win!

Winners will be chosen each month.

Good Luck!

Connect With Us:

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