Nuance: A Web 3.0 blogging platform for the Next Generation by Aikin

Berto Parga Pena
Berto Parga Pena
Nuance: A Web 3.0 blogging platform for the Next Generation by Aikin
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Centralized Social media (CeSo) appropriates something that does not belong to them: our personal data. The photos we post, the news we visit, and ultimately every click we make are fragments of our digital lives stored in a database. Therefore, data protection should be a feature, not an option.

Although most of us are unaware of it, our data is sold between companies, which use it to enhance their profits. Technology giants have control of the Internet in their hands, invading our privacy and misusing our data: we are a product for them.

Web 3.0 puts the power back in the hands of users. Decentralized Social (DeSo) has only accelerated the conversation around censorship, privacy, data protection, and creator monetization. The Internet Computer can scale to make Decentralised Social (DeSo) possible for the first time. Aikin has already taken its first steps by launching the alpha version of its first platform.


​Aikin is a web 3.0 software development company, which delivers products for a decentralized and fair internet where users control their data, identity, and destiny.

Nick O'Neill and Paul Kemp are the founders of a five-person team. They are building the world's first completely on-chain blogging platform called Nuance. Along with Distrikt, OpenChat, and DSCVR, they make up the pillars of Decentralized Social on the Internet Computer.

Decentralized Social (Web 3.0) vs. Centralized Social (Web 2.0)

Aikin will create a dual incentive mechanism for content creators: governance tokens (community ownership) and reputation tokens (that facilitate quality content). In addition, they will also implement a tipping system to reward authors, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will secure ownership of their work.

The risk of censorship, for example by the CEOs of big tech companies, is solved by creating community ownership (DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization). It provides resistance to censorship because there is no central leadership.

On the Internet Computer Weekly podcast, Arthur Falls interviewed the founder Nick O’Neill, who described how he came to the Internet Computer and the significance of a decentralized blogging platform:

Official Channels: Website| Twitter | Discord | Email


Nuance will be the world's first blogging platform owned and operated entirely by its users (via tokenized governance). With tamper-proof security baked into the platform, a real attraction for users will be the peace of mind regarding their data:

Nuance will have features that allow users to control their own data, and even take their data elsewhere if they so choose.

On August 18, Aikin released the alpha version of Nuance. This version allows you to write and publish articles with a title and body with some basic formatting options. The main objective of the early launch is to get valuable feedback from early adopters.

Nuance, a blogging platform

The Beta version is expected to be launched in December of this year and will include many standard blogging features such as commenting and bookmarking.

Below you can see the roadmap that Aikin has prepared for Nuance. As you can see, there will be a time when the product roadmap and platform policies will be in the hands of the community:


NFTs minting feature will bring incredible novelties and will play an essential role in the platform. As mentioned in the previous section, Non-Fungible Tokens will guarantee the ownership of the articles so that Nuance will mint one for each article. In addition to guaranteeing ownership, they will also allow both the author and early supporters to profit. By early supporters, we mean early readers or even investors who believe in the success of a given article for purely financial gain.

Aikin's main objective is to make Nuance the world's most reliable platform for long-form content. The initial format will be blogs, which will later expand to books, magazines, and local newspapers.

NFTs will allow enthusiastic readers, and even investors, to buy a small part of each chapter and share in the economic benefit of the book.

Imagine if some early Harry Potter fans could buy a portion of each chapter as they are published.  We believe this feature will get the author paid for their work and incentivize the virality of the article, as early readers will be incentivized to share and promote it.


The Internet has been the biggest revolution of the last decades: the virtually unlimited storage and exchange of data and the possibility of instant communication from anywhere in the world have marked a before and after in our society.

However, the adoption of blockchain technology will be the next step if we want to interact in secure environments where our information is safeguarded. This will be possible thanks to companies like Aikin, which will be the promoters of the change towards Web 3.0.

Connect with the Aikin:

Discord | Twitter | Website

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