Dfinity Community Forms a Strategic Partnership with Nuance

Daniel James
Daniel James
Dfinity Community Forms a Strategic Partnership with Nuance

The largest Internet Computer community, Dfinity Community, has joined forces with Nuance, the Web 3.0 blogging platform for the next generation.

Nuance has a large team composed of five software engineers, the product manager, Nick, and a designer. They are an original OG dapp who were one of the very first to be given a grant by DFINITY, so you can imagine how far they have come in terms of development since Genesis. However, the team was building even before the launch of the Internet Computer. Nick described his reason in detail for starting the project when asked:

“Software product management is my profession and I am a proponent of the idea that 'software is eating the world'. When I researched DFINITY I learned that the Internet Computer could very well be the next major iteration in software development.
Having shipped software products for many years I am abundantly aware of the significant chunk of engineering capacity required for ‘stuff’ that does not add value directly to the user. The idea that one could just build a feature and ship it to this thing called the Internet Computer was almost unbelievable to me. My mind was blown.
With a background in publishing and building AI decision support tools, I was immediately interested in the possibilities of Web3 publishing, something that was not really possible before. It occurred to me that with this new technology, I could build the worlds most trusted platform for long-form content.”

Since the alpha launch in August 2021, the team have been gathering feedback from their alpha users and focusing on building out the beta release - scheduled for next month. You can be assured that innovative approaches will be delivered by this competent outfit who have converted all of their engineers from web2 to Motoko engineers. As Beta is expected to launch in February, now is the time to announce our excitement regarding our collaboration.

We previously introduced Nuance here, where we explained that they are building the world's first completely on-chain blogging platform called Nuance. Along with Distrikt, OpenChat, and DSCVR, they make up the pillars of Decentralized Social on the Internet Computer.

Nuance can be defined as a web3 version of Medium, will be censorship-resistant, and will create a dual incentive mechanism for content creators: governance tokens (community ownership) and reputation tokens (that facilitate quality content).

The clear advantage that Nuance has over web2 blogging platforms is that it allows the fundamental problems of censorship, ownership, and fairly distributed monetization to be resolved. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will secure ownership of the author's work, and token economics will ensure that all contributors are paid appropriately for what they do, cutting out the middle man.

For those of you who do not yet realize the potential market share for Nuance to capture, here are some mind-blowing numbers to put things into perspective:

Medium currently has:

· 180M+ monthly visitors

· 1M+ subscribers

· 30M+ posts per year

· 120M+ hours of reading time per year

· 24M USD revenue per year

Nuance will not be limited to the blogging functionality of Medium alone, however. Nuance's main objective is to create the world's most reliable platform for long-form content. The initial format will be blogs, later expanding to books, magazines, and local newspapers.

We at Dfinity Community look forward to the near future when we can move our website over to Nuance’s platform. We already plan to start publishing duplicated content as soon as possible and are incredibly excited and optimistic about the success of this sophisticated project.

We are delighted to be working with Nuance. Watch this space!

Connect with Nuance:

Discord | Twitter | Website

Connect With Us:

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Graphic Designer  - Jay Damani: Twitter | Instagram

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