Meet Candace Marquette – The Dope Muralist Behind Revelation Walls

Meet Candace Marquette – The Dope Muralist Behind Revelation Walls

I have the privilege today of interviewing one of the premier artists in the Internet Computer ecosystem. However, she also has a rich history in art outside of Web3. From author to muralist and NFT creator to clothing designer

I have the privilege today of interviewing one of the premier artists in the Internet Computer ecosystem. However, she also has a rich history in art outside of Web3. From author to muralist and NFT creator to clothing designer, let’s get a closer look at the life and creative process of Candace Marquette.

Background and Art

How did you get into art?

Art was my calling. I was good at it and decided to pursue and get better at it as time progressed. I love expressing myself in many ways.

Getting into drawing and painting was the perfect way to express what was already inside of me.

Who are some of your artistic influences?

Picasso, MC Esher, and Salvador Dali (the old-school greats). A silly fact I just learned: Salvador Dali designed the labels on my FAVORITE candy called Chupa Chups. I try not to eat candy because it’s bad for my health. But from time to time, those are the candies I eat. They are gluten free, at least. I’m gonna see if they will make some organic flavors. P.S. I am a Candy Junky when it comes to those lil’ suckers :)

Your art seems to focus on stunning color and abstract design. Can you tell us a little about your process and how you create such beautiful concepts?

Thank you for calling my choices of color stunning! Well, when it comes to painting on walls, I just stare at the wall for a minute. Pray to God (my bestie), and I ask for my hands to be a blessing to the walls. I ask that the artwork that I create will wow and marvel people who see it. I also ask that the message is clear and lovely and that my art brings healing energy to the viewers.

Then it’s go-time with my Sharpie marker, and I just start making these amazing lines, and colors start complimenting what I draw. It’s a prophetic love story with me, God, and the world. I know it sounds sappy, but it’s true!

You recently created two incredible murals for the DFINITY Foundation’s offices in Zurich. What was that experience like?

It was amazing! First off, that was my first time traveling to Europe. Switzerland is going to be my second home. Getting to know everyone at DFINITY was what I needed. Everyone was so welcoming and kind to me. Riccardo is Dom’s Chief of Staff; he made sure everything was taken care of. I adore that dude (and his beautiful wife, Ching). Andrew C. made my time and experience there fun. He was so helpful with the time-lapse idea. Really felt like home while I was there. Of course, meeting Dom was so cool. Funny thing: I was in the lobby area chillin’ with Dominic (there are 3 Doms at DFINITY) and Leah (I love these dudes). This is where the Bereshit (in Hebrew means new beginnings) mural is (that’s the one in the Time-lapse videos).

So Dom comes into the lobby with Riccardo. He was looking for a package. I was playing Brass Monkey by The Beastie Boys. I ended up turning it down because I wasn’t sure if he’d have a problem with me playing the music loudly. I looked at Riccardo, and I asked him if I could keep the party going. He nodded; it was cool. I turned it back up, and Dom said to me, “It’s totally cool. Why don’t you hook it up to the system so you can hear it better?” That was one of the many dope encounters I had with Dom and the DFINITY crew. If any of you ever get to go to the headquarters, ask for the coffee on the 5th floor. It’s so good!

I was at DFINITY every day for almost 15 hours a day. Early in the morning and late at night. I even got to know some of his kind and handsome security guards. I made them laugh, they loved my work, and they were able to witness my process and progress. What everyone needs to understand is my murals can take up to 4-6 months to create. I was able to finish two murals in 6 weeks! It was necessary for me to work as hard as I did so that Dom was happy. He invited me there and expected me to do what I do – make beautiful art.

Candace posted this selfie to Twitter while working on the murals for the DFINITY Foundation's HQ.

All-Time Favorites

I’m sure asking you which artwork you’ve created is your favorite is probably like asking you to choose a favorite child, but could you at least share with us a couple of your creations that you’re the proudest of?

· Humming Bird & The Lion

· Beauty For Ashes

· The Crowned Lion’s Scream

· The Mystery of Vision

The Humming Bird & The Lion was created while I had visitation with my kids Bay, Bell, JoJo, and King. We were in the library in Texas. I set up a drawing station so that I could teach them how to draw in my style. They have their own styles, and they are quite good! It was an exercise to get their creativity flowing. At that time, I did not know a collection of drawings would emerge. They just flowed out of me. The kids were like, “Mom! That is cool!”  I will never forget their faces. It was absolutely a precious time in my life that I will always treasure.

Since you’re such a fan of color in your art, I have to ask: Do you have a favorite color?

Yes. It’s HOT PINK!!

What is the one city in the world where you would most want to create a new public mural that people would pass and admire every day?

That is a really hard question to answer. It’s due to the fact that I want to paint murals ALL OVER THE WORLD! It’s impossible for me to answer that because I have only painted murals in three places. Exploring our beautiful earth with my children and a future partner (the love of my life) is one of my dreams. It’s the beginning of this new artistic adventure! But if I had to answer that, I would have to say Brazil. Visiting South America to paint murals would be a wonderful treat! My work is very fitting for the vibe and energy of the country.

Revelation Walls

Tell us a little bit about your current NFT release on the Internet Computer, Revelation Walls. First of all, what’s the inspiration behind the collection?

My inspiration behind the walls is truth. Revealing hidden things like lies we have been told to believe. Altered historical and biblical facts are now a norm.

Revelation is the wall that is located in the Island Cafe. This wall really tripped me out as it started to develop.

A photo of one of Candace's murals at the DFINITY Foundation HQ found on Twitter

Is there any utility to owning an NFT from Revelation Walls, or is it pure art for the sake of art?

Yes, we are going to create a small swag collection. I have not decided what will come with it, but that information will be released soon.

Yumi is one of the great up-and-coming marketplaces on the Internet Computer. What made you choose Yumi for your NFT collection launch?

The Yumi team (Melissa and Michael) approached me while I was in Switzerland. I met with Yulin (the guy is really kind & smart). He is the mind behind Shiku Metaverse, Yumi NFT Marketplace, and other dope projects he’s working on. He was so excited at the idea of introducing me to their team.

Creativity Outside of Murals and Web3

I just want to take a moment to make sure the community understands just how multi-talented and hard-working you are. So let me ask a few questions about your other creative projects.

First, can you tell us a little bit about Candy Craft, your crafting book?

I made my first appearance on one of HGTV’s shows called “Crafters Coast to Coast” (they later changed it to “That’s Clever”). Then after that, I became a Celebrity Designer for Duncan Enterprises, which is now called, I Love to Create.

That led me to get signed with K.P. books and writing Craft Candy, which was written 17 years ago. The crazy thing is I wrote the manuscript while I was pregnant and on bed rest with my youngest daughter Jolie.

The idea behind the book was to help the reader explore the world of DIY fashion and art. It was a new thing back then. I just so happened to be one of the forerunners and a catalyst in the craft industry.

Craft Candy shows step-by-step projects (that I created) that teach the reader how to revamp clothes, how to use Tulip paints and Sharpies on jeans, and to create art, pillows, and jewelry.

The funny thing is that I was using Sharpie markers for my one-of-a-kind handbags prior to writing my book. I contacted Sharpie and showed them that their products could be used on leather and jeans. They were blown away and had no idea that their products could do that! We ended up collaborating, and they sent me tons of free markers to use for my book Craft Candy. Because of my influence, Sharpie is now known as the premier marker for DIY fashion art on jeans, shoes, and beyond.

I also understand you’re the founder of a skincare brand called Asher7Skin. Can you tell us about that?

Well, I suffered from Atopic Dermatitis, aka Eczema, for 14 years. At the time, I didn’t know why my body skin was cracking, bleeding, oozing, and in pain. I also suffered from Arthritis due to my joints swelling from inflammation.

After going from doctors to dermatologists – without permanent help or relief – I knew I had to do something about it. My children were very young at the time and saw how I suffered. It broke my heart to see my babies watch me go through pain. So one day, I decided that I had enough. I researched what was causing my pain and determined that it was due to leaky gut, stress, medications, GMOs, and lack of proper nutrition.

I did some more research and found that I could create my own beauty brand, help people heal, and make money doing it. So, Asher 7 Skin was born.

Asher 7 Skin is a high-end luxury skincare line. Our products are vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, talc-free, and silicone-free. Asher 7 is the parent company of Asher 7 Skin.

Asher 7 is a company that is geared towards the holistic healing of women – Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit.

I have to ask about Heirloom Wild. From art to fashion to housewares, your designs are finding their way into so many different creative industries via your designer brand. What are some things we can look forward to seeing from you in the future?

Candy Drip by Candace Marquette is a high-end NFT Luxury Goods collection and will focus on shoes, handbags, t-shirts, jackets, and more. Every item will be authenticated as original and one-of-a-kind. When these collections are purchased, you will receive that item in the form of an NFT. This will allow the piece that is purchased to increase in value and become a collectible.

Before You Go

Okay, I’m going to get personal with this last question because I think you’re a success story people can learn from.

Reading the “About” page on your website, it sounds like your art is a true redemption story. Do you have any advice for anyone out there trying to find a better way for themselves?

NEVER. EVER. Give up. Do not drink that hater-aid. Don’t listen to the lies around you and especially those thoughts. I am going to go into spiritual mode here. Listen, you didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Your life has meaning and purpose. To really cultivate and fine-tune that purpose, you have to be willing to acknowledge that you are not here just to live. You are not here to hurt others, profit off pain, lie, create destruction, etc. Choosing whether to inspire or conspire against others is your choice.

Know this, you will have to answer to a higher power and that you get back what you give out. I have done so much wrong, have hurt the people that I love, and didn’t really care – until I was done with living life for myself. God had mercy on me and showed me how to be a better woman.

So I have decided to walk in my calling as a healer, a creative inspirer who continues to strive to be the best mother that I can be.

Candace, thanks so much for sharing your story, your art, and your process with us today. You’re truly an inspiration. Your art is powerful. And we can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of us “Candy Junkies” in the future.

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