Victor's Top 12 Art NFT Projects Taking over the Internet Computer

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Victor's Top 12 Art NFT Projects Taking over the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

For art NFT enthusiasts, it's an awesome time to be alive! Every day, new and astoundingly creative projects are exploding across the Internet Computer. It's hard to keep up! Luckily, when it comes to all things NFT, the DFINITY Community is well-positioned to report on the latest developments.

Today, we are proud to present Victor's picks for the top 12 art NFTs taking over the Internet Computer.

12. Internet Astronauts

Internet Astronauts (IASC) had a brilliant idea to use NFT’s as passes to gain unique benefits from decentralized applications (dApps) within the "Astroverse." is the first dApp that joined the Astroverse.

Learn more by clicking here!

11. Dfinity Deck

DfinityDeck: Paradigm represents the first installment of a highly anticipated series of NFT launches over 2022. Paradigm cards are the only inter-operable NFT in the DfinityDeck series! There will only ever be 54. Two are jokers, and they will acquire the highest powers in the upcoming game.

Learn more by clicking here!

10. IC Apes

IC Apes is a collection of 10,000 high-quality works of art. The Apes are stored on-chain in the Internet Computer. It’s the first generated Ape NFT collection for the ICP. The creators make sure that every NFT product looks realistic, charismatic, strong, and intelligent. They strive to make their art more detailed and more realistic than alternatives on the market.

Learn more by clicking here!

9. IC Drip

IC Drip NFTs are randomly generated meta-commerce shopping carts for outfits and personas stored on-chain. Stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. Feel free to use IC Drip in any way you want!

Access the IC Drip website by clicking here!

8. IC Pets

ICPets are 11,111 unique, beautifully designed and well-crafted NFTs, each having its own unique abilities and superpowers! They don't want to be ordinary animals anymore. In fact, they are looking forward to entering the metaverse and bringing their owners more profit! Join the Pets Gang today and get a chance to adopt your very own little friend! They are waiting for you!

Learn more by clicking here!

7. IC Kitties

Kitties live peacefully in the alleyways of a busy city street. One day, one of the kitties - Zack - was strolling along the sidewalk, minding his own business. Suddenly, a book dropped from a window and opened in front of him. Zack read the book and found the answer to a question that had always haunted him - "Why are there different colored kitties? Why aren’t we all the same?"

Learn more by clicking here!

6. Dfinity Space Apes

Exactly 10,000 Space Apes set out to explore the universe in search of riches. Their purpose was to mine newly discovered planets and bring prosperity to their various homeworlds. The last stop of their journey was supposed to be Earth. But then, disaster struck! Their spacecraft broke down, forcing them to collect parts to repair it by scouring the Earth for scraps.

Learn more by clicking here!

5. IC Puppies

ICPuppies was created with the idea of being a fun, easy-going collection that's very accessible to all newcomers to the Internet Computer NFT world. The NFTs were inspired by a retro 8-bit video game aesthetic.

Learn more by clicking here!

4. Cronic Critters

Cronics is a play-to-earn (p2e) NFT game being developed by ToniqLabs for the Internet Computer. In fact, it's the first Internet Computer NFT by Toniq. Cronics has breeding mechanics, wearable NFTs, a p2e minigame ecosystem, and much, much more! These NFTs function a lot like digital pets from popular 1990s keychain games.

Learn more by clicking here!

3. Motoko Day Drop

On the Motoko programming language's 2nd birthday, the DFINITY Foundation distributed 10,000 Motoko ghosts designed by Jon Ball of Pokedstudios to the community.

Learn more by clicking here!

2. Poked Bots

500 years from now, humans have long left earth, and only the Robots remain. Robots have managed to create new identities, often based on relics they have found from Earth's past. This collection features five groups of Robots that exist in the eastern wastelands near former Delta city.

Learn more by clicking here!

1. IC Punks

Are you down with the clown? Get your hands on one of the first NFT art projects to hit the Internet Computer! You can wrap and trade them on the Entrepot Marketplace!

Learn more by clicking here!

Stay Tuned!

Very soon, I'll be dropping my own top 12 NFT list. In the meantime, head over to Entrepot to check out the latest project releases. We at the Dfinity Community would love to hear about your favorite projects and why you love them - reach out to us on our social media channels, and we may even feature your thoughts on our website and newsletter!

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