Interview with ICPunks∞: Unique Collectible Clowns on The Internet Computer

Daniel James
Daniel James
Interview with ICPunks∞: Unique Collectible Clowns on The Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We are excited to have sat down with one of the first movers in the NFT Internet Computer space, ICPunks, for an interview. Their colorful collection of clown NFTs have been created to reference a meme comparing the Internet Computer token (ICP) with the Insane Clown Posse - an American hip hop duo founded in 1989.

Here's what we found out:

1. Where are you based?

  • Europe

2. How many NFT’s will be launched?

  • 10,000 randomly generated, unique collectible clowns.

3. What will make certain NFT’s more valuable than others in the collection?

  • We have different rarities for assets and clowns, so look out for the rarest ones!

4. How many employees do you currently have?

  • We are three co-founders (we know each other privately, two of us are brothers) and two team members.

5. What is the concept surrounding the ICPunks?

  • We wanted to bring the passion for NFTs to Dfinity blockchain as we believe this would help grow the whole Dfinity community.

6. How many NFT’s will you be airdropping?

  • Ten thousand will be available to claim.

7. What steps must people take to have a chance of getting a free NFT?

  1. Create an account on
  2. Wait till September 1, 20:00 UTC
  3. Claim ICPunk

8. What is your website so people can get a preview?

9. Will you be collaborating with another project or making your marketplace?

  • We will be creating our marketplace so that people can trade, buy and sell their punks. And also, we will be able to collaborate with artists to make new collections.

10. When will the NFTs be launched?

  • 1 September 8 pm UTC

11. Why would an average person want to buy your NFTs?

  • NFTs are the best way to own digital art. An average person can use our punks as a profile pic on Twitter and elsewhere and get this unique identity it provides.

12. What improvements would you say you have made on design compared to competitors?

  1. Comparing to ETH based NFT::
  2. No GAS, hence no GAS-WAR. In the case of paid NFTs, you only pay for NFT
  3. All information is stored on the blockchain. There is no need to use IPFS or dedicated web servers to host images. It’s a genuinely decentralized NFT solution.
  4. Simple Contract, we’ve tried to make the NFT contract as simple as possible. More sophisticated solutions also mean more potential problems.
  5. Black hole - the controller of the contract will be erased before launch. Doing so makes it impossible to overwrite the contract and steal NFTs.
  6. Extendable via subscriptions - in time, we can add more features to NFTs without disrupting their base functions

13. Why did you choose to build on the Internet Computer?

  1. Better scalability
  2. ETH has chronic congestion problems, projects that reach peak attention encounter problems with gas-wars.


Frequently Asked Questions - ICPunks

Q: What is the advantage of being ICPunks holders?

  • ICPunk holders are a very important community to us, and we treat them as early adopters. Therefore they will have special privileges in our upcoming projects, and we will talk about the details after a successful launch

Q: How to claim free ICPunks NFTs?

Q: Are there any additional rules or whitelist rules to claim ICPunks besides the 3 steps?

  • There are no additional rules.

Q: Is there any gas fee to claim ICPunks? Do I need to deposit ICP in the wallet?

  • There is no gas fee on claiming ICPunks; Internet Computer works on a reverse gas model, so claiming is free. You don't need to deposit ICP.

Q: I can't create an account on on my PC, solution?

  • You can create an Identity using YubiKey, Ledger Nano S FIDO 2FA, or Hello Windows to create II on a PC

Q: Can we claim using Stoic or Plug Wallet?

  • For now II (Internet Identity), we have plans for Plug and Stoic (will be announced when it's ready)

Q: The claiming process will be First Come, First Served?

  • Yes, The first 10,000 addresses that claim ICPunks on the site after September 1, 20:00 GMT, will have one. However, we are currently looking at various ways to reward early supporters so that those who have been with us from the beginning have the opportunity to claim the ICPunk

Q: Will you mint additional ICPunks in the future?

  • ICPunks maximum supply is 10,000, so there will be no more ICPunks minted

Q: When and where can we trade ICPunks after launch day?

  • Once ICPunks are fully distributed, we will launch a simple page to exchange your clowns with others. Next, we will be developing our own marketplace as you have never seen on the Internet Computer.

Q: Are ICPunks really the first NFTs on the IC?

  • There are already NFTs launched in the IC ecosystem (Cronics from Toniqlabs )We position ourselves as the first "free" NFTs, but beyond that: We are the first project to start working on NFTs on the Internet Computer. We are the first NFT project to receive a grant from Dfinity. Information confirmed by Dfinity. In many ways, we are the first, so we are convinced that the slogan we use is accurate.

Q: I need to create an Internet Identity Anchor to claim ICPunks; what is that?

  • Internet Identity is a smart contract implemented on the Internet Computer blockchain. It enables you to authenticate securely and anonymously when you access dapps on the Internet Computer. To authenticate, one must specify an Identity Anchor.

Q: I can't create an Internet Identity; I don't have Security Keys. Any alternatives?

  • Try to create an Internet Identity using your mobile phone.

Q: Can I use a Metamask wallet to claim ICPunks?

  • Unfortunately, no. This is not Ethereum. ICPunks were built on the Internet Computer, so you need an Internet Identity to claim ICPunks.(edited). You do not have permission to send messages on this channel.

Reach ICPunks here

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