ICPets- Hold to Earn Community Focused Project with Immense Potential

Berto Parga Pena
Berto Parga Pena
ICPets- Hold to Earn Community Focused Project with Immense Potential
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

ICPets (also known as Infinity Pets) is a new collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which comes to the Internet Computer with the following claim:

The longer you hold - the more you get!

The Tetronic Labs team is building a great community (or family, as they like to call it) behind ICPets, a 100% community project where everyone wins: (community, project, and ICP ecosystem).

ICPets, a community revenue-focused NFT project

ICPets is a generative art NFT series composed of 11,111 hand-drawn combinations of three main characters: Greedy Raccoon, Rich Hamster, and Chill Penguin.

These beautifully designed and well-crafted pets have over 250 different traits with their unique abilities and superpowers, whose goal is to bring profits to their owners through a Hold-to-Earn (H2E) lifestyle.

Left to Right: Greedy Raccoon, Rich Hamster & Chill Penguin

The Hold-to-Earn (H2E) system aims to increase your earnings through passive income and build a strong community around art and financial opportunities using NFT technology and smart contracts power.

Official Channels: Website | Twitter | Discord

ICPets Incredible Utility

The core of the ambitious ICPets NFT project is the Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, the launch of its own "PETS" tokens, and the creation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

In the P2E game, players will assemble teams, swap, bid, pump up and upgrade characters. Earned "PETS" tokens will be used for breeding, clan building, superpowers upgrades, and so much more. Besides, a "pet food items system" will allow each Holder to receive a daily yield based on their NFT rarity, and the food items will be converted into "PETS" tokens for further use.

In addition, each NFT you hold is a ticket that gives you access to ICPets Holders Rewards Club.

Holders Rewards Club

The ICPets NFT collection brings value to each of the ICPets Holders and to the ecosystem itself. Mutual development and growth is possible when strong financial incentives back up the art collection. Therefore, much emphasis has been placed on developing the economic aspects of the project to achieve a unique system of motivation and rewards. Join the Discord community and become a part of the Pets Gang!

In addition, if you become an early supporter, you will be rewarded. Collect three characters (penguin, raccoon, hamster) and get your next character for free! Only 4,444 ICPanda NFTs will be released to the public, airdropped in 14 days after the initial ICPets sale.

Collect 1 ICPets Gang = Get 1 ICPanda for free!

Trade, buy, and sell characters to collect an ICPets dream gang!


ICPets users in the Discord community have the opportunity to get a role that will grant them different kinds of benefits. OG and WL (Whitelisted Adopters) roles are obtained by inviting people to join the community. The difference between the two is that OG members have made the invitations during the project's early days.

The other roles are obtained according to their entry position in the ICPets channel, such as the EA (Early Adopter) role for the first 2000 users, or the AEA (Almost Early Adopter) role, for the subsequent 2000 users. If you want more information about the project roles, please visit the #roles-info on the Discord channel.

The pre-sale will be open to users with the OG role. Instead of the previously promised 1000 NFTs, 1300 ICPets NFTs will be available for 0.35 ICP and with a purchase limit of 10 NFTs per participant. All pre-sale participants can easily make their payment via their Stoic Wallet in the Entrepot Marketplace.

Below, you can see the Tetronic Labs roadmap:

Tetronic Labs Roadmap


A great reward system under the Hold-to-Earn(H2E) philosophy and the Play-to-Earn (P2E) game is being developed for Infinity Pets and guarantees success for this project developed by Tetronic Labs on the Internet Computer blockchain.

However, their work does not end here. Below you can see all the pieces they are currently working on:

  1. ICPets, ICPanda (and two other Genesis 2 Pets projects).
  2. 3D Robotic Pets collection.
  3. Tetronic Merch Store.
  4. P2E game.
  5. NFT marketplace.

All Tetronic Labs products aim to benefit the holders in different ways, with the final aim of having a DAO launch.

Get yourselves over to their Discord and in a prime position to be whitelisted, ready for their presale, which promises to be monumental!

You do NOT want to miss the opportunity to get some pets, and once you do, hold on to them!

Connect With Dfinity Community:

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