Interview with Beyou NFT. DfinityDeckSwap : A 3D Metaverse

Daniel James
Daniel James
Interview with Beyou NFT. DfinityDeckSwap : A 3D Metaverse
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We interviewed Beyou NFT, whose plans are for a trading platform to host ‘DfinityDeckSwap.’ There are rewards to be earned, and players might even earn a spot in the hall of fame in their 3D Metaverse plans.

1. How would you describe your artistic style?

Our artistic style has always been outside the box, we like to capture finesse. Here we created a minimalistic blend of 3D and sci-fi with elements of realism

2. What drew you to NFT creation rather than traditional canvas-based art?

We’ve always been fans of digital art, but something that stood out was the fairness between creators and the limitless potential of blockchain protection.

3. Are there any artists who have inspired you? What do you like about their work?

They all do; whether we like it or not, it is a unique creation by a unique individual or machine. I do like how poked studios 3D model each NFT.

4. What made you create NFTs?

An alignment in the stars. Some of our team are as young as 17, some much more 'mature,' but we all share the same vision & two traits. A life dedicated to pushing artistic boundaries and, of course, a love of the Internet Computer and a dream. All of our design team have gained previous recognition in the Arts.

5. Can you tell us about your project?

There is so much to tell. We have been aware of the Internet Computer and its unstoppable powers since 2014. BeYouStudio is a vessel for many things; art, music, trade & community. DfinityDeck is a tribute to the Dfinity ecosystem, and we plan to release NFT decks of 54 simultaneously on Entrepot. The first of the releases is called DfinityDeck: Paradigm.

6. How many NFTs will be minted? Can you talk us through the process of how you create the art?

We came up with a unique plan and decided to set out a series of bespoke releases over 2022, all belonging to the DfinityDeck collection and the DfinityDeckSwap trade game but categorized accordingly as ‘Paradigm’, the first of a series.

7. Will people be able to breed, stake, rent your NFT, or will it ever be in a game?

Yes. Our plans are enormous for a trading platform to host ‘DfinityDeckSwap.’ There are rewards to be earned, and players might even earn a spot in the hall of fame in our 3D Metaverse plans.

8. What benefits do you think the Internet Computer has over other L1 blockchains when creating NFTs?

A lack of gas fees and a wonderful community.

9. What other art have you seen that excites you in the Internet Computer NFT ecosystem?

Metaverse plans are most exciting at the moment. Ours is underway, and we are taking lots of inspiration from others.

10. What excites you most about your launch, and which date is your launch?

Our launch date is January 7th, and it's a very exciting time as this is so soon; we can’t wait to see many months of work and creation hit Entrepot and come to life.

11. What advice would you give to anyone trying to enter into the world of NFTs?

Be original.

12. Do you have further plans to work with ICP Squad in the future after this initial sale?

Of course, ICP Squad is a perfect example of how strong the Dfinity community and ecosystem is; long may it continue.

13. Can you envisage a future where the most valuable NFT space is on the Internet Computer?

We don't need to; it will be.

14. Why do you think NFTs have become so valuable in such a short space of time?

The historical value of what may come from blockchain cryptography in coming years.

15. Tell us about your team?

We are an international fusion of talent, sharing similar visions and passions when pushing the boundaries of design.

16. What advantages do you believe you have over other competitors?

We have the ideal/perfect balance of experience, enthusiasm, business, and forward-thinking.

17. Do you have partners? Tell us about them

Not officially just yet, but we are receiving tremendous support, and there’s no doubt we will partner up at some point.

18. Tell us about the challenges you face while building your project?

Too many to list! We are fortunate to have wise heads who don't let doubt take us off track. Someone once said what you put in, you get back. That’s what I hope to see flourish from our hard work.

19. What are your short and long-term achievements and targets?

To have fun, push new boundaries on a daily basis, and keep learning new skills, a growing skillset is needed for the targets we have. Short term, I would love to see our NFT sales on the right track and creating value among themselves, but a huge goal of ours would be to bring people to the IC in huge numbers for creating value you can’t find elsewhere.

20. Give us some details about your roadmap

We have a roadmap like no other and plan to keep things fresh and interesting for buyers and collectors. Each series of DfinityDeck will be a tribute to the DFINITY Ecosystem and will be designed differently. Our path will be clearly defined in 2022. It will be a very long road, more like a marathon than a sprint, releasing our NFTs in chapters.

21. Any plan to move into the Metaverse?

We are already building our own 3D assets and environments, and it has us incredibly excited for 2022.

22. Will your NFT be tokenized in the future?

We have put a lot of thought into DfinityDeckSwap and have a plan to tokenize the trading platform plans. Thank you, ICP Squad!

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions 😊

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