Internet Astronauts NFTs: Increased Utility Breakdown

Daniel James
Daniel James
Internet Astronauts NFTs: Increased Utility Breakdown
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Today’s NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) are generally used as collection pieces, followed by usage as an access key for some games or platforms. This does not make sense a lot in terms of utility; people are earning the same NFT pieces from these games, buying, then trying to sell their NFT pieces, which ends in a vicious loop of abstrusity.

Games are cool! But NFT’s are not mandatory. (Except reputation activity-based game NFT’s).

Rather than being part of this abstrusity, IASC developed a new idea and to bring another vision and value to the life of NFT’s and all crypto world.

dAppverse: A revolutionary Idea!

IASC formed the idea of Pass NFT’s and “dAppverse of Pass NFT’s” in this “dAppverse of Internet Astronauts. aka Astroverse”  When you enter some dApp with a wallet containing Internet Astronaut NFTs, you will be able to benefit from the privileges offered by partner dApps.

The dAppverse benefits the partner dApp by enabling it to be used by other users of partner dApps, while the user benefits from the privileges provided by dApps. So basically, everyone wins in this situation.

Usage NFT’s as a pass for various dApps is only possible in a secure form at novel ICP(Internet Computer Protocol) because all dApps and NFT’s are end-to-end on-chain. is the first dApp that integrated Internet Astronauts NFT’s on their platform.

Currently, Internet Astronaut holders will have benefits of:

  1. DSCVR- Colorful writing, access to gated portals.
  2. ICPad- Priority access to token earning opportunities.
  3. Crowdeats- Boost in reputation for larger token rewards.
  4. Canistore- Early access to the mobile app, utilities in the future.
  5. Nuance- A guaranteed drop of Nuance tokens and community perks.
  6. Modclub- Early access to test net, priority utilities in the future.
  7. Portal – Community utilities in the future.
  8. Drip – Drip tunes, Astronauts-themed activities, and staking bonuses.
  9. ICPSquad Astronauts themed accessories and utilities.
  10. Cosmicraft- Special Ship Designs, bonus powers, and utilities.
  11. Space Center- Area to customize your Astronaut(need community approval).

To the Moon together! Explore the vision.

NB: This is the first dAppverse (Astro-verse), and IASC is unsure about Pass NFT’s future. Most likely, dApp foundations IASC will release Pass NFT’s with better or equal utilities.

Note: The above article has been published at the request of the author, John Monreo of Internet Astronauts.

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