Introducing DFINITY Space Apes: to the Moon and Beyond!

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Introducing DFINITY Space Apes: to the Moon and Beyond!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents


As part of our ongoing interview series, the Dfinity Community is pleased to present the Dfinity Space Apes Project, supported by Toniq Labs. I recently sat down with the team behind this fun and quirky NFT art game to gain insight into their plans.

Their collective creativity and passion floored me!


Geoffrey: Welcome! I understand that you'd like to use pseudonyms to stay in character for your project. Nevertheless, please tell me what you can about yourself, your team, and how you got involved with NFTs on the Internet Computer.

Astro Ape: I am Astro Ape, the founder of Dfinity Space Apes. I'm currently creating new materials for this project - it's my passion. Lately, I've constantly been brainstorming and talking with my teammates about roadmaps, details, and what comes next. I've been involved with NFTs ever since the hype first began. After a long period of learning new things, the time seemed right to launch Dfinity Space Apes as the culmination of my experiences thus far.

My colleague, Sevenart, is an artist who works on character design. He is awesome at his job! Actually, he doesn’t see it as a job. Like me, this is his passion too. He intensively worked on creating traits for Dfinity Space Apes with over 150 accessories and eleven 1:1 pieces. Here are some examples:

My colleague Tristram is a blockchain expert interested in cryptocurrencies since 2017. He's our game developer and works hard to continually add fresh features to Apesteroid Mining, our P2E (play to earn) game.

Geoffrey: Neat! But what exactly are Dfinity Space Apes?

Astro Ape: Here's the backstory for the NFT game. Exactly 10,000 Space Apes set out to explore the universe in search of riches. Their purpose was to mine newly discovered planets and bring prosperity to their various homeworlds. The last stop of their journey was supposed to be Earth. But then, disaster struck! Their spacecraft broke down, forcing them to collect parts to repair it by scouring the Earth for scraps.

Our holders will need to gather all the Space Apes in the Footprint tab, and then these intrepid treasure hunters will be ready to return to their planets. At the same time, the Space Apes will want to mine precious metals from the planets they will pass along the way home. This is where our P2E game, the Apesteroid Mining tab, fits in with the Space Apes' story.

Geoffrey: I see! What distinguishes your project from other NFT art projects with accessories and other collectibles?

Astro Ape: We are an entirely community-based project. We care about what our community thinks and regularly get feedback about improving and realizing our dreams. We aim to create a family with Dfinity Space Apes.

That's why our first plan is Footprint. Footprint will be a platform where every Space Apes holder will upload a photo with their NFTs. We'll collect all the photos and bring them together in 1:1 pieces and mint them as NFTs. This upcoming collection is unique because it will depict Dfinity Space Apes holders with their phones in their environment of choice. We'll have an NFT created by thousands of holders. In fact, we recently launched a mini-event for Footprint, and many people shared a photo with their favorite sneak peeks from Dfinity Space Apes! Here is an example of what Footprint will look like.

Geoffrey: Awesome! I can only imagine what thousands of those photos will look like together, perhaps in a collage or pattern. Whet our readers' appetites for your plans by giving us an overview of Dfinity Space Apes' game mechanics.

Astro Ape: There are ten different backgrounds in the collection of Dfinity Space Apes. Each background features a planet. Each planet has a unique structure, feature, and name. Some of them are rarer than others and have more advantages in our P2E game. Utilities of each planet will be revealed when the time comes. These planets will be airdropped to members who hold at least three Space Apes with the same background in their wallet.

This means that Apesteroid Mining (our P2E game) will have ten different maps, each with different game mechanics and virtual challenges such as enemies, Space Apes controls, mechanics, and map structure. One of our game structures will be like the demo we deployed as a New Year gift to our community on December 31st. Why not give the demo a try? Click here! It's run entirely on the Internet Computer.

Geoffrey: I checked out the demo - your game is retro in all the best ways, and the boss is TOUGH! Tough and oddly familiar. Tell us about your partnership with Poked Bots.

Astro Ape: We wanted to forge a partnership in a creative way. That's why we added Poked Bots to one of our planet maps as a boss level. This gives our respective communities fun easter eggs to find and enjoy! It's strategic. We’ll see what kinds of things can be added with Poked Bots in the future.

Geoffrey: Anything else you want people to know? What does the future hold for Dfinity Space Apes?

Astro Ape: Although we are only beginning our journey, we're trying to showcase as many things as possible to our community. For example, we explained Footprint with a mini-event on Twitter and deployed our game demo on the Internet Computer's blockchain. We've also described the planets in the backgrounds of Dfinity Space Apes NFTs. Every decision and development will be incorporated into the Dfinity Space Apes backstory.

Showing real things before the launch feels tremendous and builds the community's confidence. We believe in ourselves. We’ll create a great and strong family together. In short, !WAGMI


If you haven't already, get on board this wild, retro space adventure game and one-of-a-kind community-building endeavor. Don't miss the fun! Catch them on Entrepot.

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