New ICP Community: interviewing Jesse Friedman about the Internet Computer Club

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
New ICP Community: interviewing Jesse Friedman about the Internet Computer Club
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Jesse Friedman has contracted with the DFINITY Foundation to promote the Internet Computer, its ICP governance token, and relevant media, PR, and outreach initiatives. Although our DFINITY Community is not directly affiliated with Jesse's Internet Computer Club at this time, Jesse is a proud member of the DFINITY Community Alliance, and we are always excited to report on new community-based efforts!

Jesse's Internet Computer Club aims to:

  • Communicate the power of the Internet Computer.
  • Emphasize the Internet Computer's speed and security.
  • Invite everyone to participate in the Internet Computer's revolutionary and democratically-driven network decision-making process.

I've previously written about the Internet Computer's groundbreaking blockchain technology and why it will prove pivotal to the future of Web3. Every day, new people are joining our movement to build a decentralized, inclusive Internet. Jesse is here to talk about these exciting developments.


Thank you for taking the time to interview! Please tell me a little about yourself and how you got involved with the DFINITY Foundation.

No problem! Thanks for having me!

My background is as a serial entrepreneur. I worked in tech in San Francisco before getting deep into beer and starting my brewery. I founded Almanac Beer Co in San Francisco in 2010 and grew it from selling beer out of the trunk of my car to an internationally distributed brewery. We specialized in Belgian-style sour beers brewed with fruit and aged in oak as well as making super hoppy IPAs.

As the founder, I did a bit of everything. I wrote the beer recipes, wrote all of the label copy and named the beers, did social media, planned events, and oversaw sales and distribution. I got interested in crypto in the last few years, as I’ve watched it evolve from a technical curiosity to a financial powerhouse. This year, it was clear that it’s the future, and I wanted to be more directly involved.

I got involved with DFINITY via Twitter! I responded to one of Dom’s tweets, which led to a series of DMs, interviewing, and eventually teaming up as a Marketing Contractor, which is a role I am super stoked to work in.

What does your work with the DFINITY Foundation entail?

I’m part of a significant new marketing effort by DFINITY to reach out with effective message. Dom described it as believing in the power of entrepreneurship and bringing new voices into the fold. I’m the first of what is planned to be a considerable initiative with lots of contributors working independently to spread the word about the Internet Computer.

I’m tasked with operating outside the core DFINTY organization to make lots of noise about the Internet Computer platform to attract developers, investors, press, and mainstream attention to the platform. I’m taking a multi-pronged approach to messaging, writing about the Internet Computer and blockchain technology, producing videos, planning events, and even looking for new business partnerships to build on the Internet Computer platform.

Have you met Dominic Williams or other members of the team? What is the culture like at the DFINITY Foundation?

I’ve met with Dom via Zoom and was inspired by his vision for the platform. He sees the power to change the whole internet, and it’s easy to get swept up in his vision and excitement. I try to channel enthusiasm for the technology in my writing, too - having a leader who lives in the technical details is great!

Day to day, I’m working with Diego Prats, DFINITY’s Director of Product. Diego helps me answer questions, navigate DFINITY’s resources and commiserate on being new dads since we both welcomed pandemic babies to our families.

Everyone I’ve met at DFINITY has been welcoming, enthusiastic about the platform and the work, and incredibly smart. I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with people more intelligent than you are to challenge yourself and help you reach higher, and with DFINITY, that is true!

Tell us about the Internet Computer Club. What's planned for it?

One thing that became very clear to me when I started digging into my marketing mission for the Internet Computer was the importance of community. So, that seemed like a natural place to start - I created the Internet Computer Club Discord (Please join us!) to focus on helping craft ICP’s best marketing message via the people who know it best - the community.

I’ve been impressed with how knowledgeable and helpful everyone has been, and it’s immediately paying dividends as members help me answer my questions. I can occasionally offer something back too. Everyone has opinions on how to improve things, and I am happy to have the help.

The community is helping me do the best job I can do, and I’m trying to put the community to work more effectively communicating our marketing messages. As my rate of publishing increases, the community will also help me spread the word to the broader web as we try to make some content about the Internet Computer go viral. It’s a team effort, and I’m stoked to be on this team.

What other plans do you have?

Well, my first essay on the Internet Computer just dropped on Medium!

It’s now being turned into a script for an animated video. I’m focusing on clarity of communication and explaining some of the foundational blocks of blockchain technology to help bring new people into the Internet Computer community. There is a ton to learn, with a lot of technical detail and jargon, and I’m trying to communicate it all in a way that's understandable. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and I’m trying to fill that space with educational content that promotes the platform’s fantastic potential to remake the Internet.

What’s great from my point of view is that the Internet Computer is just filled to the brim with potential. Bitcoin integration, Chain Key technology, Internet Identity, the Internet Computer’s NFT platform, the way gas/cycles work, the network nervous system - the list of features worth promoting on the Internet Computer goes on and on. My job in marketing is to shine a light on the incredible platform and what’s being built on it - a challenge I love!

Any closing thoughts about the Internet Computer's potential and future?

I’m incredibly excited about what the future holds for the Internet Computer. I’m working on a piece now titled, “2022, the year of ICP,” which I think is true - the Internet Computer, in a lot of ways, is in its infancy right now and just beginning to show its potential.

Everywhere I look, incredible developers are tapping into the Internet Computer engine to create whole new categories of apps, reimagining how to apply the power of the blockchain to consumer and business applications. We’re standing on the precipice of a fundamental change to how the web is used, and how money flows, and the Internet Computer is the key to a lot of it.


The Internet Computer Club is another exciting example of emerging ways to participate in the Internet Computer's blockchain singularity. If you haven't already, why not join the next chapter of the digital revolution?

Connect with Jesse

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