Will ICP Explode in 2022? Take the Dfinity Community's Speculation Challenge

Will ICP Explode in 2022? Take the Dfinity Community's Speculation Challenge

As we all know, the Internet Computer is the ONLY real decentralized blockchain out there. But the price of the ICP was under intense pressure in 2021 because of massive selling pressure, which I believe is starting to change with the advent of the new year.

So will ICP break $ 100 or even $1000? How much can it go up or down? Will ICP make it into the top 10 of the market? Which cryptocurrency will have a massive year?

This is a mid-year forecast challenge, so we will check the results to see out most accurate forecaster on July 1, 2022  (12:00 am EST).  

T0 participate, answer our questions to make 11 predictions about what the next 6 months hold for ICP and the crypto market in general.

The top 3 entrants with the most accurate predictions will become DC VIPs. Benefits (like Merch, ICP, NFTs, and much more !) will be revealed down the line.

The contest is closed.

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The BIG Number

$442 Million

As of 09:00 am UTC, 24 hr Total Crypto Liquidations (Down -55.88 % ) , ICP Total Liqidations - $1.71 Million, according to Coinglass.

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