Why I Bought ICP - The Cautious Case for the Internet Computer

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Why I Bought ICP - The Cautious Case for the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

I'm allergic to sensationalism, and you won't catch me prophesying the imminent demise of fiat currency.

Also, I don't think anyone is going to replace or recreate the Internet's current global infrastructure anytime soon. Instead, for better or worse, I expect that tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook will continue to dominate the digital space for the foreseeable future.

Internet Computer Protocol is an innovative technology that warrants attention and investment. Capital market companies and venture capital firms like Polychain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz agree.

Even if ICP eventually constitutes only 1% of the Internet's infrastructure, it will be worth a minimum of $200 billion, which at present is considerably more valuable than its current market cap of around $8billion.

This low bar for an emerging new technology to attain modest success is why I've invested in ICP, which I think is a great candidate to attract at least a substantial niche market.

Internet Computer fosters Innovation and Powers Creators

Disregarding the likely over-hyped claims about ICP taking over the entire Internet, the bottom line is that it really does offer improved security and lower costs to building, deploying, and maintaining IT systems.

ICP holds particular promise for developing countries, small businesses, independent content creators, and cash-strapped startups. It already has something many other popular cryptocurrencies don't - a diverse and functioning ecosystem of decentralized apps, including social media.

Short term and Long term possibilities with Internet Computer

In the short term, therefore, it has the potential to cultivate parallel online communities independent of the operational and cost constraints of contemporary servers and commercial cloud services.

In the long term, it could play an important role in redefining the valuation of cryptocurrencies and broadening access to the World Wide Web — but honestly, that would just be a bonus.

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