ICPSquad Awards: August 2021

Daniel James
Daniel James
ICPSquad Awards: August 2021
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We are delighted to announce the winners of ICP Squad Earn this Month:

1st - Berto Parga ($500 worth of ICP- 12.83 total)

Connect with the author: Twitter

2nd - Mark Genry ($300 worth of ICP- 7.7 in total)

Connect with the Author: Twitter

3rd - Andreas Sihite ($200 worth of ICP- 5.12 in total)

Connect with the Author: Website | Twitter

All other contributors will be eligible to receive exclusive ICP Squad merch!

We want to thank those of you in the community who contributed this month and want to encourage anyone with a love of  the Internet Computer/ICP to fill out our contributor form here:

Form or contact us at daniel@dfinitycommunity.com if you wish to contribute to our website articles for a chance to win ICP.

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