Step by Step Guide on how to Mint your ICP Squad NFT Avatar

Step by Step Guide on how to Mint your ICP Squad NFT Avatar
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

ICP Squad minting is finally here! The mint is entirely on-chain, and users can customize their NFT and mint it themselves. Starting 23rd Dec (Thursday) at 8 am EST (1 pm UTC), everyone should be able to mint.  

Note: Once you mint the NFT, you cannot customize the character color or style.

There are a few things to note:

We are closing our pre-order and allowing OGs to mint first.

For Genesis pre-orders:  

We have added a new concept, where users can combine materials and forge accessories. According to our pre-order process, the early adopters are eligible for the accessory airdrop.

Here are the airdrop criteria:

  • First 20% of pre-orders = Get 2 Accessories and 1 Material.
  • First 50% of pre-orders = Get 1 Accessory and 1 Material.
  • The remaining pre-orders will be airdropped 1 Material.

Dont Want To Read? Watch The Video Tutorial

Let's Start Minting!

Go to the website on Chrome / Firefox – It is better to use a desktop or laptop because some users have pre-ordered using the Plug Wallet.

Website -

After loading the website, Click on the AVATAR menu:

You will then land on this page. Click on the 'Avatar Minter' button.

Authenticate with the wallet you used to pre-register. Please wait until the dapp authenticates you.

Click on the 'Start' button to start minting.

Select the options you like in order to begin the customization.

Press 'Next' to proceed further. You can change the previous selections by pressing the 'back' button to go back.

However, once users mint the avatar, they won't be able to change the color.

You can choose any color.

Once you are done customizing and finalizing the design, press 'Mint.'

Click on 'Mint' to mint the avatar.

Please wait a few seconds for your avatar to be minted and check your wallet.

How to add the NFT to the Stoic Wallet interface after minting:

You should receive your NFT in your wallet within minutes following the mint. If it's in the Plug wallet, it will show automatically. For Stoic Wallet, users must manually add the canister using the ID: "jmuqr-yqaaa-aaaaj-qaicq-cai."

Go to your Stoic Wallet and click on the + button.

Enter the Canister ID -  jmuqr-yqaaa-aaaaj-qaicq-cai and Press 'ADD'.

Your NFT will be displayed in the Stoic Wallet shortly.

How to Claim and Equip Accessories

After minting, click on the accessory menu at the top of the page.

Connect with your wallet again in the airdrop section and receive the accessories we promised to early supporters.

Here are the airdrop criteria:

  • First 20% of pre-orders = Get 2 Accessories and 1 Material.
  • First 50% of pre-orders = Get 1 Accessory and 1 Material.
  • The remaining Pre-orders will be airdropped with 1 Material.

For the time being, the transfers of accessories are restricted until CAP, and Entrepot integration is completed. Users won't be able to see materials/accessories in their wallets due to these restrictions but will be able to view them in the minting dapp.

Click on the Airdrop menu to claim your airdrop.

You will be randomly airdropped with accessories according to your rank.

Users will be able to check their airdrop using the "Inventory," which appears when you click on the back-pack icon in the top-right corner of the website.

To start equipping your avatar with accessories, click on the 'ROOM' on the avatar page and authenticate your wallet.

Finally, equip your avatar with the accessories you want.

Join our discord -

Connect with ICP Squad:

Discord | Twitter | DSCVR | Distrikt

More about ICP Squad NFT:

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