ICPSQUAD Weekly: HODL mode

Hyuna Kim
ICPSQUAD Weekly: HODL mode
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Vampire Squid Sighting?

Have you gotten a chance to read CryptoLeaks yet? This new whistleblower website recently published an analysis of what happened to ICP’s price upon launch. The report focuses on ICP-PERP, a synthetic coin used on FTX’s futures market to represent the real token. FTX’s supposed manipulation has been a long-standing community theory, with even Dominic Williams offering his opinion on the matter. Whatever you believe, it may be a good idea to move your ICP off of centralized entities at this time, especially in the wake of the Celsius meltdown.

IC Opportunities

IC Jobs, a job board for the Internet Computer, has launched! Individuals can seek available positions for free, and teams can post about employment opportunities in the ICP ecosystem (post enhancement is available for small fees). Check it out!

Closer and Closer

Some good news despite the market turbulence, it seems the BTC integration is moving right along schedule. DFINITY made a promising update about the upcoming BTC integration as well as the threshold ECDSA project:

“(We) would assess that we are currently between 90% and 95% complete for the Chromium/Beta launch” and larget is late June as per last update.

All the News That’s Fit to Tweet

A new community resource Twitter has been launched (@web3aggregator), in an effort to streamline pertinent news from the ICP ecosystem. Everyone is invited to tag the account in newsworthy announcements, so that it can serve as a true community resource.

Howdy, Partner

InfinitySwap, a highly anticipated DEX and AMM being built on the Internet Computer, announces a strategic partnership with Ceto (formerly known as CetoSwap). Ceto, which aims to be the first major order book trading platform of fractionalized NFTs, has also announced their focus will be on high caliber crypto collectibles. Having these two leaders join forces spells out exciting things for our ecosystem’s future. Read more about it on InfinitySwap’s blog.

I Do What I Want

ICP’s NFT market is showing surprising resilience to crypto’s overall downward pressure. Azumi, an animated collection launched by NyanNyanStudio, completely minted out within a few hours; the NFTs are backed by a week-long guarantee, where the Studio (run by NyanCat, community manager for DfinityVN) promises to buy back any unwanted NFTs at the original mint price of 3 ICP. KawaiiVHS’s “KVHS Drafts” also sold out within the first day.

Let’s Chat

OpenChat, a messaging dapp running fully on the Internet Computer blockchain rolled out two major pieces of news. The dapp already allows seamless sending of ICP to users, and now allows message forwarding abilities. Additionally, they’ve introduced a referral program, where you can invite friends to sign up for an account. You will be credited for every new person who signs up using your referral link, and be credited in CHAT tokens at a later date.

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