Pre-Order Process Starts Today For Genesis Role

Pre-Order Process Starts Today For Genesis Role
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Genesis Squad - Today is your lucky day, our ICP Squad NFT pre-order process opens today at 11:00 AM EST, just for you!

The link to pre-order your ICP Squad NFT will be shared via Discord at 11:00 AM EST.  

Engage-to-Earn will completely revolutionize the Internet Computer Ecosystem, where you will earn rewards based on your involvement on Dapps such as Distrikt, Openchat, DSCVR, Network Nervous System (NNS), Stoic Wallet, Plug Wallet, and much more.

Some Important Things You Need To Know:

  • Make sure you have at least 1.0001 ICP in your wallet. You need 1 ICP for the pre-order, and 0.0001 ICP to cover the network fee for sending the funds.
  • Make sure the funds are in the Primary Wallet Address tied to the Principle ID of your wallet, since this is where the pre-order app will try to pull funds from. You might get errors if the funds are in an extra auxiliary wallet.
Don't have the Genesis role yet? Don't worry, join Discord and get the role so you can participate in the pre-order process.

Upcoming Pre-Order Dates

The pre-order/whitelist URL will be available to anyone who wants to get the benefits of the pre-order process on the following dates:

  1. Everyone (URL will be released on our Website and Twitter): October 15th

If you have been just introduced to the Game-changing ICP Squad NFT project, read more here :

The ICP Squad NFT Project

ICP Squad Gameplay
The purpose of this gameplay guide is to offer more details on the ICP Squad NFT game. Instead of rewarding activity on a specific play-to-earn game, engage-to-earn is a game model where anyone who owns an ICP Squad character can win rewards by engaging in the Internet Computer ecosystem.
Why ICP Squad Is A Game Changer For NFT Collectors
ICP Squad NFT is an NFT project that pushes the envelope of what has been done before. Collectors of this NFT can earn passive income.
Why I am bullish on ICP Squad NFT
After reading the ICP Squad Gameplay Guide, I must say ICP Squad’s plans for its NFT game seems to be even more ambitious than I imagined.

Connect with the ICP Squad:

Discord | Twitter | DSCVR | Distrikt

Connect With Dfinity Community:

Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Facebook | Email

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