Interview with NNS DAO- A Borderless Tech World Unlocking Human Potential

Daniel James
Daniel James
Interview with NNS DAO- A Borderless Tech World Unlocking Human Potential
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We interviewed those behind NnsDAO, an ambitious project aiming to form a unique virtual credit system for the Internet Computer and NnsDAO ecosystems.

  1. What attracted you initially to Blockchain?

After seeing the emergence of Bitcoin as a technical person, I noticed a database-like technology. At first, I didn't know what blockchain technology was, and I didn't bother to study Bitcoin carefully until later when Crypto Cats and Fil storage appeared on Ethereum.  

I gradually realized that blockchain technology seemed to solve part of the problems currently faced by the Internet through different consensuses, such as data tampering, distributed storage, etc. Then I read the white papers of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot projects and was attracted to this technology.

2. Of all the platforms you could have chosen, why did you decide to build on the Internet Computer?

When it comes to how to choose the platform and positioning, we made a lot of tough choices, and we compared different blockchain technologies, both in terms of storage, TPS, concept, and vision.

We chose to build on top of Internet Computer Protocol and I think the biggest reason is that the charm of the Internet Computer and its new consensus, randomizability, and other technologies attracted us.  

In the WEB3.0 era, the Internet Computer is suitable for building applications, and for NnsDAO, the main reason for choosing to build on top of the Internet Computer is because we think the Internet Computer will replace traditional cloud service providers in the future, so that the whole blockchain era can be connected, through web authentication, chain key and other technologies.

This can achieve the interconnection between chains, which is the absolute advantage of the Internet Computer.

3. How long has your company been established, and what is your business model based on?

The NnsDAO protocol started in May this year. After the main Internet Computer network went online, we gradually built the basic structure of DAOs and used the DAOs model to operate and collaborate.

In the early stage of the agreement, we realized we needed to run the whole ecology by building a product matrix with different DAOs and achieve fundamental profitability through games and NFTs.

After accumulating certain DAOs, we will start the NnsDAO protocol and set different rules and fields for DAOs, so that all users in the Internet Computer ecology can be connected.

By forming a unique virtual credit system in Internet Computer ecology and NnsDAO ecology, we will gradually realize a kind of virtual world of WEB3.0. Every user will be able to use DAOs to collaborate and cooperate with different DAOs.

4. What makes your company marketable, and what will ensure its long-term success?

For the market, I believe Internet Computer ecology needs a DAO, and also needs different groups to collaborate, and this is the biggest market for the whole NnsDAO.  As long as the userbase of the Internet Computer is still growing, NnsDAO can go through Internet Identity (II) to connect different users and let them form their value.

In the long run, for DAOs, it will be a trend in the future and also one of the necessary functions in the era of WEB3.0. In the post-Internet era, users will pay more and more attention to privacy and security, participation, and of course, some needs should not be bound by geographical restrictions.

Consequently, a DAO can be used to solve this problem and create a virtual value for all people, so that remote, cross-territory collaboration into a new system, without the need to focus on contractual issues, can become possible.  We will use technology and rules to bind everyone.

5. What challenges have you faced while building your company?

Strictly speaking, our team can't be called a company. We are simply a group of people who share common values, consensus and have great interest in DAOs and Internet Computers and formed.  

Just like some current social DAOs, NFTs DAOs, and investment DAOs, we are a DAO used to create protocols and we will look for people who share common values.

In the early days of DAOs, our catalytic characters had wondered how to find people with the same consensus or values as us. The earliest way to find people with the same values was to establish a community, communicate, find people with shared values, form a small community, hold a small meeting, and finally determine the current DAOs.

In the process of gathering the above community, we discovered that it is extremely difficult to find people with the same consensus because we all look at the world with prejudgement. Also, social circles are relatively small, so based on this scenario, we created the NnsDAO protocol with credit value and an identity system to identify different people in the virtual world through different values and consensus.  If you need to find people with the same ideas, it will become straightforward in the future.

6. What overall vision do you have? Do you have a roadmap? If so, what does it involve?

Our vision was clear at the early stage of creating DAOs; NnsDAO connects users, and it is a borderless organization to attract global users. Everyone interested in DAOs can create their own DAOn, DAOs, and continue developing and producing different products through rules and constraints.

For our roadmap, we set up different stages, such as: "Initial City-state, Age of Enlightenment, Industrialization Period, Information Time, Moon Landing International and Deorganization."

Through the various stages, you can see that the whole NnsDAO realizes a deorganization protocol, which consists of different products and users in each stage, gradually transitioning to a virtual credit system to govern and develop the whole protocol.

7. What challenges have you faced while building your company? What advantages do you believe you have over other competitors?

The most challenging thing we encountered when creating Labs was getting more people who had never been exposed to DAOs before to understand this new form of organization and ideology.

For that, we focused on a lot of knowledge dissemination and code to implement how to create new DAOs. We made a complete reputation system and the extensions around DAOs behind it. Many DAOs are currently thriving in the world of blockchain; among them are investment-focused DAOs, community-governance-focused DAOs, and art-collection-focused DAOs, all of whom are doing well in their respective fields.

Our vision is to make a protocol that can connect various DAOs. People will link to each other through a virtual reputation system and break through the historical data trust barriers. Each DAOs will no longer be isolated but an autonomous complex that can be connected.

Countless historical experiences prove the importance of data in both the real world and the virtual world, and the data owned by the NnsDAO protocol will be the most valuable asset that distinguishes us from others. The future of DAO is open, egalitarian, and bottom-up, and we believe that more like-minded people will join this community in the future.

Based on such a model, we can make products with the fastest speed to fit the market, make dApp products run and make more users recognize us, and perhaps this is our most significant advantage.

8. Tell us about the team










9. What advice do you have for anyone working in the same space as you?

For the Internet Computer, perhaps we should pay more attention to dapps, and do not need to care about the underlying protocols and architecture; we need to focus on business logic and the fundamental ecological needs.

For the current stage, perhaps more dapps should be created to allow the Internet Computer to further develop is of fundamental significance at this stage.

10. What other projects building on the Internet Computer are you most excited about?

For the current Internet Computer ecology, we are interested in many projects, such as NNS, DSCVR, OpenChat, Distrikt, Stoicwallet, IC-Rocks, Sudograph, Deland, Dfinance, AstroX, etc. We prefer some essential tools for the ecology because these will speed up the progress for NnsDAO development, and of course, we like some novelty projects which can inspire us to create more dapps.

11. Do you have any plans to collaborate with other projects building on the Internet Computer?

Yeah, in the ecological development of Internet Computer, NnsDAO has only a minor role; we need to work with different projects to accumulate governance and a virtual credit system.  

12. What ecology has NnsDAO laid out so far? What is your main direction?

NnsDAO is currently doing the ecology for Icpscan, ICTexas, Icpdrops, Icptree, and an unannounced original universe game and niche social platform. NnsDAO uses a DAOs collaboration model to explore and develop different products, as a way to start the whole agreement, but also to accumulate data for the governance and credit model.

The NnsDAO protocol follows the principle of open collaboration, which is defined as an autonomous organization without boundaries; that is, anyone in the world can join the different DAOs to collaborate on various products and grow the whole Internet Computer.

It is defined as an autonomous organization without boundaries, which means that anyone can join different DAOs to collaborate on other products and grow the whole Internet Computer ecosystem.

At present, our main direction is the game and NFTs, of course, but the construction of the infrastructure will not be abandoned, such as NnsDAO governance, Scan, Drops, and other essential services. This is because it is crucial for the design of the entire NnsDAO architecture.

We are also exploring what model is more suitable for DAOs. We are searching for people with shared values together to build the entire protocol.

13. Do you have any token sale planned for the future? If so, when? Can you give details? What is the form of the sponsor?

We welcome more investors who are interested in DAOs to join NnsDAO and manage the future DAOs, which belong to every user who builds them together. Regarding seeding, we are currently opening a second round.  

For different sponsors, we will consider the whole user's contribution to the Internet Computer ecology and NnsDAO ecology based on multi-dimensional factors and they will be rewarded accordingly.

Of course, we will also give Token rewards to users who have donated when the NnsDAO Protocol goes live. You can think of it as being like the early days of Gitcoin, except we're incubating it through different eco-projects.

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