Interview with ICNS: A Naming Service Focused on Ecosystem Expansion

Daniel James
Daniel James
Interview with ICNS: A Naming Service Focused on Ecosystem Expansion
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We interviewed the ICNS (Internet Computer Naming Service team leader who told us that the team plans to make ICNS the solid foundation of the future Web3 ecosystem. This will involve basic function implementation, ecosystem building, product optimization, and ecosystem expansion.

1. Please tell us about you, your name, position in the project, your credentials, etc., to introduce you.

I’m the leader of the ICNS team.

2.    What attracted you initially to Blockchain?

Bitcoin attracted me to Blockchain first. Programmable money and transparent monetary policy are fascinating.

3.    Of all the platforms you could have chosen, why did you decide to build on the Internet Computer?

The Internet Computer is the only Web3 native platform. The fundamental technology is solid and innovative. After developing some demo projects on the IC, we found its unlimited potential; a swift and good user experience, so we chose to build on the IC.

4.    How long has your company been established, and what is your business model based on?

We have been developing for several months and have done multiple iterations but didn’t reveal too much yet.

5.    What makes your company marketable, and what will ensure its long-term success?

The users and ecosystem around ICNS help ensure its long-term success.

6.    What challenges have you faced while building your company?

Not many, to be honest.

7.    What overall vision do you have? Do you have a roadmap? If so, what does it involve?

We’ll make ICNS the solid foundation of the future Web3 ecosystem. This involves the basic function implementation and ecosystem building. We’ll continue to optimize the product and expand the ecosystem.

8.    What advantages do you believe you have over other competitors?

We have a solid and robust team, providing a better user experience.

9.    Tell us about the team

We have been involved in the IC ecosystem for more than half a year and have been developing some projects.

10.    What advice do you have for anyone working in the same space as you?

Just do it.

11.    What other projects building on the Internet Computer are you most excited about?

The chain-key-based bitcoin integration.

12.    Do you have any plans to collaborate with other projects building on the Internet Computer?

Yes, we would like to collaborate with other projects on the ecosystem.

13.    Do you have any token sale planned for the future? If so, when? Can you give details?


14. Tell us about your partners, if there are any?

We partnered with you, Dfinity Community, for this promotion.

15. What are your short and long-term achievements and targets?

Short term: Launch main-net product

Extended-term: Ecosystem building

16. Please give us some details about your roadmap

We’ll launch our main-net product soon; after that, we’ll be primarily devoted to optimizing user/developer experience and growing the ecosystem.

17. Please provide all your social media handles and websites

  1. Website
  2. Test-net
  3. Twitter
  4. Medium
  5. Discord
  6. Email

Connect With Us:

Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Facebook | Email

Graphic Designer  - Jay Damani: Twitter | Instagram

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