Interview with Dfinity Bulls-Bullish for Launch!

Daniel James
Daniel James
Interview with Dfinity Bulls-Bullish for Launch!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We interviewed DFINITY Bulls, a dynamic enterprise that has teamed up with Toniq Labs to work towards a P2E game that could have enormous potential. With a focus on art and utility, you won't want to miss out on this fantastic project!

1. How would you describe your artistic style?

We incorporated details that are unique to Crypto NFT into our art. We also produced excellent quality art with great flair. We have put in a lot of effort creating the art!

2. What drew you to NFT creation rather than traditional canvas-based art?

The world is moving towards global digitalization. NFTs in crypto are game-changers! You will get to own an NFT that is unique and truly yours! Not to mention, it can be of both artistic collectible value and utility at the same time, and that’s just something ordinary canvas art isn’t capable of.

3. What made you create NFTs?

I can proudly say that I’m an OG of the Internet Computer. Since the beginning, I have followed and waited through all the years until their official launch, and it has been a long ride! When the NFT marketplace launched, I figured that I could contribute to the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Our team wants to create and add value to the Internet Computer NFT ecosystem! The Current number of Internet Computer NFT projects compared to ETH NFT projects' differences are huge!

We want to spread awareness and awesomeness of the Internet Computer via our NFT! The Internet Computer is now just on another level! With no gas fees incurred for users at all and assets all stored on-chain!

Furthermore, Twitter will add NFTs for profile pictures, and it is good to use the platform to spread awareness! We want our excellent Bulls NFT shown to the Crypto Twitter community and have people asking, "Where can I buy this?", "Where is this from?", "What is the utility?"

4. Can you tell us about your project?

Our first NFT collection is called Dfinity Bulls. We have a marvelous designer working together with us. We are also very fortunate to have partnered with Toniqlabs, one of the best developers on the Internet Computer, to develop a P2E game with us.

Down the roadmap, we will make a kickass game for our NFT holders to earn and enjoy!

5. How many NFTs will be minted? Can you talk us through the process of how you create the art?

Only 8,888 bulls will ever be minted exclusively at the Internet Computer. Our thought process on creating our NFT is that we wanted it to be strong, powerful, and badass to represent the Internet Computer. So a badass bull is what we came up with, and we are delighted with how it turned out!

We have carefully designed and hand-drawn as many as nine different traits! Over 50+ different backgrounds, 40+ different shirts, 20+ different horns, nine different body skins, and over 60+ different accessories! We want you to have your own unique Bull!

6. Will Your NFT be able to breed or ever be in a game?

We are launching a P2E game together with Toniqlabs. We have so many ideas coming together, so you can definitely expect a good game! Stay tuned!!!

7. What benefits do you think the Internet Computer has over other L1 blockchains when creating NFTs?

The incredible speed of the ICP is unbeatable. It opens up many new ideas for NFT utility. And also, no gas fees are incurred for users, which means no silly gas war!

8. What other art have you seen that excites you in the Internet Computer NFT ecosystem?

Cronics. As the first NFT as well as the first P2E game on the ICP. I’m really looking forward to what the team can bring to the NFT ecosystem next.

ICPunks. The team has demonstrated the capability of the ICP to the Crypto Community. I’m looking forward to their NFT bridge on other Blockchain.

ICP Squad. NFT for the community. The team did an excellent job bringing the ICP community even closer via the Engage to Earn game.

9. What excites you most about your launch?

What excites me honestly is our art, future collections, and the future development of the project that we will bring to our considerable number of supporters!

10. What advice would you give to anyone trying to enter into the world of NFTs?

If you have creative ideas and love the Internet Computer, have a long-term plan and work hard to deliver it. Expand the Internet Computer NFT ecosystem!

11. Do you have further plans to work with ICP Squad in the future after this initial sale?

Yes definitely. ICP Squad is doing so much good for the whole Internet Computer community, and we intend to support and collaborate with them whenever possible. We also would love to collaborate with all of the projects working on the Internet Computer.

12. Can you envisage a future where the most valuable NFT space is on the Internet Computer?

The Internet Computer is the most under-rated and most fudded Blockchain. But we do believe that solid tech will speak for itself over time. The Internet Computer NFT may very well be a substantial contributing factor to the growth of the Internet Computer and become the leading NFT blockchain –that’s the future I’m looking forward to.

13. Why do you think NFTs have become so valuable in such a short space of time?

More and more people are starting to know the potential of Blockchain and beginning to embrace the next big thing –NFTs.

14. Tell us about your team?

I have been in crypto for years when ETH was still in double digits! The Internet Computer got me hooked as a huge supporter, and the Internet Computer NFTs made up my mind to get involved. I pulled in my designer that I was working with for non-crypto projects, and here we are! We are excited to bring it to the next level!

15. What advantages do you believe you have over other competitors?

We love games, and we played games when we were free and when we relaxed. Play and Earn is the dream! The game will be carefully designed and planned to deliver the most fun and entertaining experiences for our NFT holders.

Each project has its selling points, but we firmly believe that a strong partnership goes a long way!

16. Tell us about your partners?

Toniqlabs has partnered with us to work together on the P2E game. For some who still haven’t heard of them. They are the creators of Cronic Critters, the first NFT and the first NFT P2E game on the Internet Computer, creators of Stoic wallet, one of the most popular ICP wallets, and creators of Entrepot marketplace, the largest marketplace on the Internet Computer.

The launch will be on 6th Nov 14:00 UTC

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions 😊

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