Welcome to the Gigaverse, an Internet Computer Based NFT Revolution!

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Welcome to the Gigaverse, an Internet Computer Based NFT Revolution!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The team behind IC Punks is launching an exciting and gargantuan new endeavor — the Gigaverse!

Gigaverse Labs recognizes the Internet Computer as the best ecosystem for constructing a metaverse. It’s ready to host a whole interactive world of adventure on the blockchain: games, assets, and players alike. Gigaverse started with ICPunks and Infinity Frogs.

The next step of Gigaverse's impressive roadmap is to build a bridge from Ethereum to the Internet Computer so that people can freely move NFTs (and also Decentraland assets) across different blockchains. After that, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will be established to fuel the growth of an ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) and tools that span multiple blockchains! The potential of an open, gasless NFT ecosystem and marketplace is unprecedented and astounding.

To better understand Gigaverse Lab's grand design, the Dfinity Community recently interviewed the amazingly innovative Gigaverse team.


Geoffrey: For our readers who don't yet know you - please tell us about your team.

Gigaverse Labs: We like to keep somewhat of an air of mystery if you don't mind. However, we're easily reachable on Discord. Our handles are:

  • Stopakor#3283
  • T-Punk#0603
  • AIA#4141
  • Grich#3891

Stopakor, T-Punk, and AIA are from Europe. Grich is from South Africa but currently resides in the US. Stopakor, T-Punk, and AIA mainly focus on development and project work, whereas Grich focuses on community engagement and management.

Geoffrey: In your words, what is the Gigaverse? Give us the "elevator pitch."

Gigaverse Labs: Gigaverse is focused on developing the infrastructure needed for other blockchains to bridge NFT’s to the Internet Computer. We believe that the Internet Computer has the ability to host all relevant actors on its own blockchain and so can achieve true decentralization. In this way, we plan to help facilitate and accelerate the NFT market's transition to the Internet Computer.

We have already begun and nearly completed the ETH/ICP NFT bridge and are about to move on to working on the Solana blockchain. Because we are bringing NFTs from other blockchains to the Internet Computer, we are also developing a
marketplace that can host all of them and address complaints and correct problems that customers are experiencing with currently available marketplace options. Subsequent to that, we will launch a DAO and our own tokenomics system – more on this later.

Geoffrey: Most people know you as the team behind ICPunks. What sparked that idea? Where does it fit into the Gigaverse?

Gigaverse Labs: ICPunks was our bluechip project to introduce ourselves to the ICP community and help the ICP community gain some traction in the NFT market. ICPunks, along with our InfinityFrogs and other flagship NFTs, will be considered for token reward allocations down the line, along with benefits related to our DAO.

Gigaverse Labs: It's important to note that we will be including other blockchains beyond Solana and Ethereum as we progress. A bridge put simply, is
the backend infrastructure that acts as a vehicle to transport NFT’s from one blockchain to another while maintaining integrity and provenance.

Bridges are essential so that people can begin to move NFTs off inefficient or costly platforms and bring them to the Internet Computer to trade them for minimal ICP fees. Bridges also provide a decentralized one-stop shop in which people can buy, sell, and view all their NFTs regardless of their blockchain of origin.

Gigaverse Lab's bridges are different from the Terabethia project. As we understand it, Terabethia aims to be an all-purpose bridge to the Internet Computer. They, too, have the goal of bringing more traffic and interest to ICP, and we see ourselves as positioned in a friendly cooperation space in relation to them.

At this time, we'd like to briefly overview Gigaverse Lab's roadmap, since it's relevant to the subject of bridges.

Since the publication of our first roadmap and initial work on the
development of Gigaverse Labs, the NFT market on ICP has developed. We have an expanded awareness about what is needed and what will bring the most value to NFT market participants. As the largest NFT community on the Internet Computer, we laid out plans for this year that will further grow the internet Computer ecosystem. Therefore, here is the long-awaited Roadmap 2.0 for 2022!

Fundamentals (Q1 2022):

  • Gigaverse Marketplace - The most important thing the ICP ecosystem currently
    needs. In January 2022, the first version of the Gigaverse Marketplace will be available. Finally, you will be able to see the transaction history of every NFT, receive funds from sales instantly, and use many tools created for NFT collectors - all without NFT wrapping!
  • ETH-ICP Bridge - Finishing the ongoing bridge development and jumping InfinityFrogs into the Gigaverse Marketplace

New Era of the Internet Computer (Q2-Q4 2022):

  • Gigaverse DAO - We will create a governance token to start the process of
    transforming the Gigaverse Labs into a DAO! Every holder of ICPunk or bridged InfinityFrog will get a token allocation, through which you will participate in the further development of Gigaverse Labs.
  • Wild West NFT - A collection that will connect us to the Solana ecosystem and
    bring even more people to the Internet Computer - The Best Blockchain for NFTs. This collection will be in a different style than previous collections and, in addition to utility, will attract NFT collectors with its aesthetics.
  • SOL-ICP Bridge - Switching from Solana to ICP and trading Wild West NFTs on the Gigaverse Marketplace.
  • Growth of the Gigaverse Marketplace - We are aiming high, and our goal is to be the #1 choice on the Internet Computer, and every blockchain.

Geoffrey: Those are some awesome and ambitious plans! I can't wait to see them unfold. How do people get involved in the Gigaverse? What are the benefits?

Gigaverse Labs: It is very easy for people to get involved. They can use the links provided at the end of this interview and reach out on Discord if they need any assistance.

The benefits of joining Gigaverse will include having exposure to other projects through competitions and collaborations as well as through receiving the benefits associated with holding our NFT’s in the future.

  1. Gigaverse Labs website
  2. Gigaverse Market Place
  3. Main Twitter
  4. ICPunks Twitter
  5. Infinity Frogs Twitter
  6. ICPunks website
  7. ICPunks Marketplace
  8. ICPunks Rarity check
  9. ICats Marketplace
  10. ICats Rarity check
  11. Infinity Frogs website
  12. Infinity Frogs Marketplace
  13. Infinity Flies Marketplace
  14. Infinity Flies Check
  15. Infinity Frogs Smart Contract
  16. Infinity Frogs Rarity check

Geoffrey: The ICPSquad is also going to be involved in the Gigaverse! Would you like to share the details of our partnership?

Gigaverse Labs: Absolutely! It's exciting!

Gigaverse will be embarking on a collaboration with the ICPSquad and integrating with their engage-to-earn game platform. We will be kicking off the collaboration using the upcoming Gigaverse Marketplace and associated metrics (buy, sell, list NFTs). We will elaborate on this in the near future!

ICPSquad is also gifting Gigaverse Labs with legendary characters and accessories. Some of these accessories will be used as prizes for engage-to-earn missions. Stay tuned for details!

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