Rise of the Magni Review: First Tactical Unit Deployment Game On The Internet Computer

Mark Genry
Rise of the Magni Review: First Tactical Unit Deployment Game On The Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What happens when an accomplished team with great ideas joins the Internet Computer Ecosystem? Well, this is an easy question: the project becomes unstoppable!

The Internet Computer is getting stronger, and proof of this is the exponential growth in the number of projects being developed. Today, we will look at Toniqlabs, one of the most dynamic companies on the market.


ToniqLabs is a Web3 web development studio that builds professional tools and services on the Internet Computer. The founder is Stephen Andrews, a senior developer with over ten years of experience in web, mobile, and blockchain development.

ToniqLabs Review: Building the Future with the Internet Computer
ToniqLabs is a Web3 web development studio that builds professional tools and services on the Internet Computer

The triumph of Toniqlabs is unquestionable. In a matter of months, they have succeeded in making a product line that can help lay a strong foundation for the ecosystem. One of these projects is actually a game.

Rise of the Magni

Rise of the Magni is a tactical unit deployment game, where players take turns to deploy Magni (adorable yet fierce champions) to the battlefield. Your Magni fight to win skirmishes against enemies and create unified fortifications with allies. The mixture of dynamic gameplay styles, strategies, and the vast number of different team compositions means that no two games are alike.

The game runs entirely on the Internet Computer

RotM (Rise of the Magni) is built on the Internet Computer, and each Magni is a unique NFT owned by the player. All game calculations and verifications are completed on-chain — the browser game is effectively a visual representation of its current game on-chain state.

The canister code does most of the job — from verifications to processing AI moves and even calculating scoring. In addition, canisters provide the networking — allowing the creation of game sessions, and polling these sessions for updates to the related game states.

The Internet Computer is a powerhouse, and building RotM on top of it makes sense — blockchain gaming is a growing market, and we need a fast, secure and scalable blockchain to run them from.

ToniqLabs wants RotM to grow to become a popular competitive e-sport game, even if it’s just at a casual level. They want to continue developing each character's storylines and have entertaining and rewarding online matches as well.

Inside the RotM Game

All characters, or Magni as they are called in the game, are NFT’s that users have to buy. To create strong Magni, you need to use in-game tokens and fusion items. These things can only be won via the online competitive mode and completing challenges — the better you are at the game, the faster you will earn them.

Players who are not so good will look to purchase items to make their team stronger or stronger Magni to add to their lineup. Items can be traded via the marketplace p2p for ICP or other tokens.

What is in the future for the game?

The company has some big things in store for the Rise of the Magni. They want to build it alongside NFT platform Exponent and another NFT project — Cronics (with some cross-game interactions between the two worlds).

Some of the ideas are really cool:

  • Transferrable and upgradeable Magni — build your team the way you want it, and customize each individual Magni the way that suits your play style.
  • A colossal assortment of Magni, at least 80 for Season 1 and more with future seasons. Magni can be fused with special items to increase attack strength.
  • An immersive Adventure mode with periodic advancements
  • Online challenges to earn items and PETRI, the digital currency of Magni and used to fuse stronger Magni
  • A full-on competitive/ranked scene with tournaments and prizes
  • Multiple maps with unique terrain and shapes (not just a standard circle)
  • Big team battles/free-for-alls!

Rise of the Magni is not the only ToniqLabs project. Currently, the company builds an AtomIC cross-chain bridge on Dfinity. The atomIC bridge will allow users to move digital assets through different blockchains via a secure atomic transfer using smart contracts. Assets moved cross-chain will exist on-chain in Secured Reserve Contracts (SRCs) and can be reclaimed via a reverse atomic transfer in the future. For all of the reasons outlined in this article, it seems like ToniqLabs has a very bright future ahead on the Internet Computer.

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