Introducing InfinitySwap's Bitfinity Wallet

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Introducing InfinitySwap's Bitfinity Wallet

I've recently begun to gravitate toward InfinitySwap's Bitfinity Wallet. Find out why!

Pretty much since the beginning of the Internet Computer community, I've mainly used Toniq Labs' Stoic Wallet. That being said, I've recently begun to gravitate toward InfinitySwap's Bitfinity Wallet. Don't get me wrong. Stoic is still a great product, and remains my preferred way to interact with Entrepot. However, I'm a firm believer that people should be aware of their options.

Features of InfinitySwap's Bitfinity Wallet

As a standard disclaimer, I work as a contributing writer for InfinitySwap. That's not why I recommend the Bitfinity Wallet. In fact, that would be to confuse cause and effect — I reached out to inquire about joining the InfinitySwap team because I liked their product!

Not only can the Bitfinity Wallet handle your ICP, but it can also hold IS20/ICRC-1 tokens, mint test tokens, view NFT galleries, and offer you fast transactions with low fees and the Internet Computer's zero gas fees. What truly distinguishes the Bitfinity Wallet from other options is the fact that it is the first wallet to embrace the ICP blockchain's Internet Identity for Web3 browsing. Therefore, the Bitfinity Wallet can act as your command center to interact with pretty much all Internet Computer dApps and marketplaces. It's a one-stop-shop!

The Bitfinity Wallet features autolocking, dark mode, a contact book, a QR-code reader for easy transfers without the need for tediously retyping addresses, and an active community and developer team on Discord.

And, of course, Bitfinity Wallet offers top-notch security, which is especially important to the crypto community in an era of frequent bridge hacks and exchange collapses like FTX. The non-custodial nature of the Bitfinity Wallet means that you control your digital assets and that your privacy is respected. Also, the Internet Computer's direct Bitcoin integration means that Bitfinity Wallet offers the most secure way to trade Bitcoin in DeFi.

Check out the positive reviews!

How to Plug into the Infinity Wallet

Curious about InfinitySwap and want to try out their products? It's easy to get started! The Bitfinity Wallet comes as a simple, yet elegant, browser extension that empowers you to hold and transact tokens and NFTs on the ICP blockchain, opening the door for you to explore Web3. To download the Bitfinity Wallet, simply go here. You can also get the wallet directly from the Chrome Web Store.

Infinity Wallet
A wallet for managing your tokens.

If you have questions about the details of getting started, or want to migrate your digital assets from another ICP wallet, you're in luck! I've written a detailed setup guide over on the InfinitySwap blog to get you started. Also, remember, you can own and use multiple wallets from different creators — I do! You don't have to give up your old wallet to create a new account on InfinitySwap.

So what are you waiting for? Give InfinitySwap a try!

Click here to read a detailed setup guide. You'll be glad you did!

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