It’s Raining Airdrops in the Internet Computer NFT Market

It’s Raining Airdrops in the Internet Computer NFT Market
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

I’ve been covering the launch of Pineapple Punks the last couple of weeks, so I don’t want to make this week’s marketplace update all about the same project again. But I would be remiss if I didn’t congratulate the team on reaching the stunning accomplishment of surpassing more than 50k ICP in total volume in under a week. It will be exciting to continue to observe the future of all of the collections related to Ludo’s artwork and the Flower Power DAO.

Now let’s talk about the insane number of airdrops we’ve seen across the Internet Computer ecosystem over the past few weeks, and I’m going to start with the one that just happened on Monday.

dSquad Airdrops July 2022 Rewards to Holders/Players

We’ve been excited to see how the dSquad engage-to-earn game would work since it was first announced nearly 11 months ago. As I was getting ready to write this article on Monday, the first rewards arrived, giving the public a much better understanding of how the game works, at least in the early stages.

These were the rewards I received for finishing in a tie for 29th place in the July competition.

For the first month, the rewards distributed were as follows:

· Cloth: 4,074

· Wood: 868

· Glass: 215

· Metal: 239

· Circuit: 0

· Dfinity Stone: 36

The reason for the variance in the amount distributed is the targeted supply. Each material should be a specific percent of the supply as denoted on the NFTs themselves. Therefore, an algorithm is in place to distribute the material NFTs so that the supply is maintained properly while also rewarding players based on their engagement and the accessory NFTs they are wearing each day.

So, for example, many Cloth materials had to be distributed to bring it closer to the 48% of the total supply of materials. Whereas only a few Dfinity Stones had to be distributed to maintain a 1% supply. Personally, I received 1 Wood, 4 Metal, and 1 Dfinity Stone (I was in a tie for 29th place). So far this month, I am tied for 8th place, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the algorithm assigns me as rewards next month.

Airdrops Landing All Over the Internet Computer

I’ve recently reported on a number of airdrops, including Dionysus’ Masks from artist and photographer Oli on Entrepot and the ICPUZZLE REWARDS collection dropped by artist Neel on Yumi marketplace. I also commented on the Calavera Collection and Motoko Pinatas that were airdropped to Taco NFTs holders who met the qualifications. To date, only one Motoko Pinata has sold; however, it sold for a whopping 55 ICP! Also, the Calavera Collection is holding a floor price nearly five times that of the Taco NFTs (which makes sense considering they were airdropped at a rate of one for every five tacos held). All three of those collections are available on Entrepot.

Here's a short list of some of the other recent airdrops in the ecosystem:

· Pyramidion: UFO – If you joined the JudgementDAO portal on DSCVR, commented on a specific post as proof of humanity, and then fed two Blockchain Heroes to the Belly of Hefe during the burn period, you received a Pyramidion: UFO NFT from the THOTH JudgementDAO. What will Hefe be hungry for next? And will there be a reward for feeding her next time? We’ll have to wait and see what the JudgementDAO has in store for us.

A Pyramidion: UFO NFT depicting the DSCVR logo at the center. JudgmentDAO has a DSCVR portal for community discussions on NFT projects.

· Mecha DripMartian Drip holders got an unexpected surprise in their wallets. Mecha Drip was an airdropped collection for Martian Drip holders, and the art resembles old-school Gundam Wing mech helmets. One thing is certain – the Martian Drip team seems intent on rewarding holders with surprises. Someone took it really seriously just a few hours before I wrote this article, sweeping 50 Martians off the floor and bringing the floor price up from 0.66 ICP to 1.4 ICP in about an hour’s time. That was a sudden and unexpected 112% leap considering there has been no new project news since the surprise airdrop. The sweeper seems to be a Martian Drip connoisseur, having minted only three in the collection initially but now holding more than 200.

· IKUWAYOIKUZO holders were finally rewarded by receiving the females of the collection. IKUWAYO is a more limited collection and was airdropped at a ratio of one to every three IKUZO held. Also, while the original collection is on the Entrepot marketplace, the new collection is listed on the CCC marketplace. The team has been working fervently to meet the goals on their roadmap and has now ticked off 5 of the 7 points. Increased marketing efforts and their own trading marketplace are next up.

Recent Struggling Launches

Entrepot is still the commanding marketplace on the Internet Computer, though competitors like CCC and Yumi are starting to gain traction. In the meantime, most projects continue to launch on Entrepot. Unfortunately, there seems to be a recent string of project launches struggling out of the gate. Is this due to marketing issues? Perhaps it’s still an impact from the Pineapple Punks launch, which saw most of the ecosystem’s liquidity for NFTs passed around within about a week’s time.

Regardless of the reason, there are still some projects on the Entrepot Launchpad that have struggled with sales. Here are a few of the ones I personally find interesting:

This World of Tacos NFT has a bottle of Dos Equis on his head. Does that make him The Most Interesting NFT in the World? 

· Taco NFTs – Yes, the airdrop of the Calavera Collection and the Motoko Pinatas is over. However, I’m surprised the Tacos didn’t sell out at that time. I’m sure the team has something else up its sleeve to get the last 25% of the collection into deserving wallets.

· Club Cani – The promise of token airdrops is usually enough to propel NFT sales. Perhaps the stall out is due to the fact that some Club Cani cards are available for less than the mint price on the secondary market. However, rare hunters will still need to mint if they want to find the higher-level cards that score more tokens.

· World of Tacos – This is another one where I expected the promise of $SALSA tokens to drive more than the 16 NFT sales on launch day. Of course, I honestly didn’t know much about this project until mint day so that may have been a marketing issue. If you want to research this project, check out the roadmap on their website.

That’s all for this week! Remember always to do your own research and never invest money you can’t afford to lose. Stay safe out there!

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