ICPSQUAD Weekly: Interesting Developments In The Ecosystem

Hyuna Kim
ICPSQUAD Weekly: Interesting Developments In The Ecosystem
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Demergent Labs' Azle to Simplify Building on Internet Computer

Jordan Last, a fixture in the IC developer community, announced the unveiling of Demergent Labs last week. His new company hopes to accelerate the adoption and growth of the ecosystem by reducing the barrier to entry for building on the Internet Computer blockchain. Instead of having to learn Motoko or Rust (both being languages with unique sets of adoption issues), Demergent's canister development kit will allow developers to use Typescript, a mainstream language that many are likely familiar with already. Azle, currently in Beta, will potentially allow canisters to be written in Javascript as well.

Demergent Labs is also working on an unbounded GraphQL database (Sudograph) and Python (Kybra) for the IC developer community. Sudograph and Azle are in Beta, with 1.0 scheduled for release by the end of 2022. Kybra is in early development. Head to Jordan Last's Medium for a more detailed explanation of Demergent Labs and their projects.

Historic Milestone Reached by Entrepot and IC Bucks

Entrepot, the largest NFT marketplace on the Internet Computer, recently passed one million ICP in volume. The transaction to cross the million ICP threshold was for IC Bucks, a collaborative NFT project between DKLORD89 (of OG Medals) and Egido Val, an artist whose work has been featured by notable personalities such as Joe Rogan, A$AP Rocky, and others.

analytics from NFTGeek

Homeschool: Motoko Bootcamp Course Material Now Available

For those who missed the Motoko Bootcamp last month, all of the course material and resources are now online for perusal. This includes daily courses, challenges, and lectures. Over 25 hours of video are available for anyone interested in learning to develop dapps on the Internet Computer, from complete beginner to intermediate skill levels.

Written material can be found HERE.

Videos are available HERE.

Is Hot Wallet Summer Coming? Prepare for DeFi Season

DeFi Season may arrive sooner than you think! Although many projects are waiting to tokenize until a DFINITY-preferred token standard is officially declared, two of the most highly regarded DEXes in the ecosystem (Sonic and InfinitySwap) are putting out interesting signals and updates.

Sonic announced an Analytics app this week, which allows users to get a bird's eye view of their analytic data. Sonic's Analytics aggregates and indexes all of the activity on Sonic, sortable and searchable by tokens and liquidity pools. The practical functionality is currently limited as Sonic only supports three tokens (ICP, WICP, and XTC), and Sonic Analytics only tracks two coins (WICP and XTC), but the new app shows that Sonic is ready to go with the future addition of more tokens.

Read More on Sonic's Medium

InfinitySwap, which boasts a highly pedigreed developer team and has raised capital with investment heavyweights like 9Yards and Polychain, announced their new blog this week. The InfinitySwap blog will publish weekly articles about their products as well as news regarding the IC and larger DeFi ecosystem.

There is interesting speculation and hype in the community about InfinitySwap as their IS20 token standard is compatible with ERC20 as well as DIP20, and DfinityDonkey's dongecoin (self-declared as the first memecoin on the Internet Computer) recently confirmed that they are using InfinitySwap's IS20 token standard for their launch.

Although the current IC landscape is small, we are primed and poised for explosive growth. No doubt, having these two incredible teams work on DEXes with negligible fees and lightning-fast transactions unique to the Internet Computer will draw more positive attention and activity from the larger crypto sphere into our ecosystem.

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