ICP Squad Weekly: DFINITY shares a sneak peek of Motoko Bird NFT

ICP Squad Weekly: DFINITY shares a sneak peek of Motoko Bird NFT
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Dapps are making steady progress, and NFT projects are just exploding on the Internet Computer. The most anticipated NFT projects are planned to be released in the first week of November. DFINITY Foundation has been hyping the NFT craze by releasing a sneak peek of the Motoko Bird NFT on its Twitter.

Someone else has been surveilling and documenting the Internet Computer ecosystem progress; kudos to the person doing it.

DFINITY General Updates

  • DFINITY releases Motoko NFT sneak peek, which will be dropped on November 2nd.


Dominic Williams tweeted about the SNS, Community Fund Neurons, and dapp decentralization auctions.

DFINITY released three medium articles this week.

Optimizing the Internet Computer Memory System’s Performance
The growth of canister smart contracts on the Internet Computer has led to substantial improvements in query and update call performance.

Dapps of the Internet Computer

  • DSCVR will bring NFT based authentication access to portals (like subreddits), demonstrating the composability of Internet Computer Protocol.
  • DFIstarter token price has increased significantly this weekend.
  • Plug and streaming dapp Portal announced their strategic partnership.
  • Plug had hosted a community call with DSCVR and Portal | Youtube.
  • Piped is a decentralized front end of Youtube hosted on Internet Computer.
  • Plug v0.4.0 is here.
Plug V0.4.0 — New Security Features 🔏 with More User Control Over App ↔️ Asset Interactions 🚥
Time for another release! Now changing the way apps integrate Plug to promote safer practices, and give users more granular control to…

ICME Introduces Customizable NFTs Concept to boost the No-Code revolution.

Customizable NFTs: The Future of No Code
The massive growth nonfungible tokens reflects their fundamental value: NFTs make digital objects unique. NFTs do this by connecting a…

IC.rocks now displays a chart for canisters per subnet and cycles minted over time.

Decentralised Frontends, Upgrading Canisters, & the Mysteries of Boundary Nodes - The Internet Computer Weekly
Community Manager Moritz Fuller explains his decision to build a Liquity front end on the Internet Computer. From here we discuss the challenges of hosting DeFi products on the IC, upgrading canisters, and the mysterious role of boundary nodes.Wat…

NFTs of the Internet Computer

Internet Computer NFTs are getting ready to eat the world  - Cat16z.

NFTs are gaining traction on the Internet Computer, and most of the NFT projects are planning to release a game.

Here are updates on the Internet Computer NFT projects:

ICP Squad NFT is releasing art sneak-peeks and conducting giveaways on Discord. Many NFT Projects are creating network effects by collaborating. ICP Squad NFT has also announced a collaboration with The IC Gallery, Vampires, ICApes, Dfinity Bulls, Internet Astronauts, and Poked Studios.

The best example would be IC Drip ( community - @ICDripland), creating NFT wearables/accessories for Internet Astronaut Holders.

  • DFINITY will airdrop Motoko NFT to NFTNYC 2021 attendees.
  • ICTuTs burned 3334 NFTs and sold around 6666 NFTs on Entrepot.app and are getting ready for the following collection (will be airdropped to holders).

Infinite Charity Project auction starts on October 25th at 2 PM UTC.

  • Bunnies released details on Gods-Own Protocol and the rarity traits of Bunnies. Bunny holders will have a chance to receive an algorithmically generated NFT. The price floor doubled after the release of the following Medium Article.
Gods-Own Protocol — ICPBunny
The protocol that defines the characteristics of your Bunny
  • Internet Astronauts released a rarity chart on NFTVillage.ai
  • The Cronics auction ended, and the unsold cronics will be burned. The cronic Breeding test ended, and users will be airdropped with CRN. The test cronics will be burned.
Cronics Sale & CRN Distribution
Update on the Cronics October 19th Sale and distribution of CRN token.

The IC Gallery launches the Moonwalker collection after the initially planned October 23rd. The Launch has been delayed because of technical reasons. Moonwalkers will be priced 299$ / 6 ICP per piece, and they come with tons of utility. Each moonwalker is comprised of three files. Check out this video below to learn more.

The IC Gallery also conducted scavenger hunts on-chain and rewarded users with NFTs of the Internet Computer hidden inside easter eggs.

PokedStudios is releasing a sneak peek on its Discord every day. The artist has also designed the Motoko NFT for DFINITY.

NFT Studio marketplace is expected to launch soon. You can interact with one of the craziest 3D NFT by NFT Studio  - HUECO MUNDO.

That's it for this week :)

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