Portal Enters into Strategic Collaboration with Fleek

Daniel James
Daniel James
Portal Enters into Strategic Collaboration with Fleek
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Since more than 10,000 people participated in alpha testing the new Portal platform in September, the Portal team has invested a lot of time into understanding the needs of our community and testing new ways to harness the power of the Internet Computer.

We’re on a mission to build an ecosystem for content creators to connect with audiences in real-time and build sustainable careers through a unique Web 3.0 economy that relies heavily on collectible NFTs and tokenization.

Portal is pleased to make a special announcement! Moving forward, Plug Wallet by Fleek will be the official wallet and sign-in method for the Portal platform. As Portal development progresses and our ideas become a reality, we’ve realized the vital place Plug will have in helping us achieve our goals.

Standardizing our ever-growing NFT feature set on Portal required us to choose and partner with a team that can consistently deliver (and support) high-quality software products. Having multiple sign-in methods and wallets increases the complexity and development roadmap and reduces the resources that could be better spent on core Portal features. We want the Portal experience to be superb for everyone and not depend on which wallet they use.

Enter Fleek!

Fleek has been busy working on some great features that benefit the entire Internet Computer community. One of the amazing products they’ve released is the Plug wallet. With its impressive NFT features and its inclusive approach to new and evolving NFT standards, we feel that Plug will provide a superior solution for all our needs. Some of these features include:


Plug makes it easy to authenticate on the Internet Computer and allows for a seamless experience when logging in and out of dapps.


Plug is a high-quality crypto wallet that integrates easily into any Internet Computer dapp or NFT standard and supports the currencies we’ll be using on Portal.


Plug is part of a larger ecosystem that includes Dab (an up-to-date registry of NFT’s and canisters running on the Internet Computer), Fleek, and Dank.


Plug is bug-free and fully supported. New updates are rolled out consistently, and issues are dealt with hastily and backed by a large team of developers with extensive crypto experience.

In addition, Plug supports all NFT standards! This means EXT, Departure Labs, ICPunks, and any other standard that surfaces on the IC will be supported (thanks to Dab). This is extremely important to us. As pioneers in the field of media streaming, NFTs and VOD NFT’s were constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We’ll need the freedom, flexibility, and support that Plug offers.

The team at Fleek was excited and fully supported our decision:

“We’re super excited to support Portal and honored to learn of their decision to use Plug as the exclusive sign-in method and wallet for the Portal platform. We’ve worked these past few months tirelessly to create a best-in-class wallet/auth solution for app developers and their users from both a security and user/developer experience perspective.

We have collaborated closely with the IC community to prioritize Plug’s features and roadmap to best suit their ever-growing needs. Portal’s decision brings great validation to our approach, and we look forward to working closely with them to showcase what a great user experience should look like for apps on the Internet Computer.”


Our decision to use Plug as the exclusive wallet and sign-in method for Portal shows our commitment to providing a secure and superior user experience. We’re constantly tinkering with innovative ways our users can interact with each other and the Web3.0, and we believe Plug will allow us to accomplish our goals. We hope this partnership with Plug demonstrates the importance Portal places on empowering its users while providing the best experience possible.

Strap in “Portalers”; this is only the beginning!

*Please note: This article was written by,  and has been published with the permission of Qasim Azam, AKA Nitro from Portal and IASC.

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