How to Top-Up an Existing Neuron in the Network Nervous System (NNS)

How to Top-Up an Existing Neuron in the Network Nervous System (NNS)
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

There are two ways to top-up a neuron: Directly via the Neurons tab or by withdrawing ICP tokens from an exchange or from the ICP  "Main" account in the NNS app.

With the last method, we are sending the ICP tokens directly to the neuron address. The first method is the quickest and easiest one.

Method 1: Increase The Neurons Stake Via The Neurons Tab

We can top up the neuron using the new functionality which doesn't require specifying the neuron's address manually

Neuron Tab

Follow the steps and add the tokens directly from the "Main" Account :

Transection Confirmation

ICP Stake, Maturity & Voting Power will be updated automatically.

Updated Neuron

Method 2: Alternative Method Via Exchanges and Through The Neuron Address

How to get the Neuron Destination Address

  1. Click on the ICP account that was used to make the neuron - " Main" (in this case) to get the transaction history.
NNS Home - Main selected

2.  "Stake Neuron" address will be the destination for sending ICP tokens

Account History

Top-Up a Neuron from the NNS "Main" Account Address  

Click "New Transaction" and use  the "Stake Neuron" address as the destination address as shown in the above steps:

Main account Transaction History

Top-Up the Neuron From an Exchange

Withdraw ICP tokens from the exchange of your preference and use the "Stake Neuron" Address as the destination address. Below is an example from Coinbase pro:

Coinbase pro Withdrawal 

Confirmation will show the neuron address as the destination:

Coinbase Transaction Confirmation


Before the top-up, the balance was:

Before Top Up - Neuron Balance

After the top-up from the Main account and the Coinbase pro withdrawal, NNS automatically adjusts the staked tokens & voting power.

  • Staked ICP: 14.499 + 0.8001 + 4.0001 + 0.8101 = 20.109
  • Voting history: went from 28.99801234 to 40.3220856

Fee for each Transaction = 0.0001

Updated Neuron

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