Hackathon Season 2: Integrated Games on the Internet Computer

Berto Parga Pena
Berto Parga Pena
Hackathon Season 2: Integrated Games on the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

DSCVR (pronounced discover) has done it again. This decentralized social platform has organized the second season of the hackathon, where games have been the central theme, but with many new features compared to the first season.

A hackathon is an event that brings developers and other interested people together to improve upon or build a new software program. It tends to have a specific focus, which can include the programming language used, the operating system, an application, an API, etc.

The new features introduced this season focused on integration and interoperability between different games and applications. Metascore has made it possible to integrate a scoring system that has played a crucial role.

In addition, the generosity of the Internet Computer community and DFINITY to reward tournament winners and donations from the Internet Computer NFT projects to reward top players has added extra motivation for all participants.

1. GAMES on the Internet Computer

Excitement was guaranteed until the last minute with an extremely hard-fought-for first place. The podium of this hackathon season 2 consisted of ICmoji, Texas Hold'em, and Mission is Possible (in that order). The combined pool for all prizes is over $45,000!

All participating games are described below in order of voting score:

ICmoji Origins

ICmoji Origins is an NFT battle game in which you fight against a single online opponent by selecting three of your ICmoji NFTs.

Before starting the game, you will see each ICmoji's feature card and select the strategy. The strategy is the attack or defense moves that your ICmoji will perform each turn. Then click on the "Fight!" button to jump into a battle!

Battles are automatic, and if you win, you will have a score of 7, 4, or 3 depending on the number of ICmojis that have survived (3, 2, and 1 ICmojis, respectively). If you lose the game, you will only earn 1 point.

For more information, please visit the following article.

ICmoji Origins | Play now

Controls: mouse

Welcome to Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold-em is an online poker game hosted on the IC where you can play against random players. You can start using 1000 GFT (Game Farm Tokens) that you can mint upon logging in using your Internet Identity. Read the following newsletter to learn how to earn your own exclusive NFTs in Texas games.

Texas Hold’em | Play now

Controls: mouse

Mission is Possible!

Mission is Possible is a snippet of the actual 3D shooter game that is being built. The main goal is to make it a multiplayer game based on NFTs. This is just a demo version of the game. It's going to be amazing when the full game is released, seeing that it has started building for the DSCVR hackathon!

Mission is Possible! | Play now

Keyboard controls: W, A, S, and M keys (movements), space (jump), Left Mouse Button “LMB” (fire), mouse scrolling (camera).


Cosmicrafts is a Multiplatform real-time strategy game of battleships with special abilities. Your roles in the game will be to:

· Destroy and capture the resources of your enemies.

· Upgrade and enhance your units and skills to have the upper hand in the field of war.

· Create and design strategies to defeat your enemy.

If you are a fan of games like Age of Empires, Command & Conquer, Starcraft, or Civilization, you will love this project.

Cosmicrafts | Play now

Controls: mouse.


This game needs no introduction! Dots is a game based on the famous snake game.

Dots | Play now

Controls: W, A, S, and M keys or arrow keys (movements).

Tiny Racing

Tiny Racing is an online racing game involving eight cars. The gameplay is simple but very hard to master. Race your car as fast as you can for three laps.

Tiny Racing | Play now

Controls: arrow keys (movements).

The Tower of Bable

In the distant future (year 3037), humans live in a super decentralized universe where they are mooching around in space alone and immortally, which means they have forgotten all languages; this is until they discover the Tower of Babel.

The languages currently spoken at Babel are Turkish and Chinese. You can learn these languages at Babel, or you can test your skills!

The Tower of Bable | Play now

Controls: mouse


In a world ruled by a collection of rogue Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, you play the role of an old-school phreaker. Helped by your own friendly AI, you attempt to gain access to the AI mainframes, corrupt their systems, collect intel, and gain allies. Use your creativity to ask the right questions, force the AIs to slip, gain their trust and phreak their systems!

NLPhreak | Play now

2. PLATFORMS on the Internet Computer


Portal is a decentralized live streaming service on the blockchain-powered by the Internet Computer. The blockchain provides us with breakthrough technology to provide a unique live streaming service centered around the users; for both creators and viewers. Current competitors in this industry say they focus on the users first, but ultimately this gets lost in all the red tape.

You end up finding a curated list of content being pushed by a few people in power. A service that depends on the creativity of its users should never be handled this way. Thanks to the blockchain and tokenization, Portal gives the power back to the users.

You will want to use Portal if you enjoy gaming, cooking, health and fitness, stock analysis, live music, etc. The list of categories goes on and on, but basically, anything you find interesting will most likely be represented.

For further information, see the following article.

Portal Platform


Metascore is a scoring system dApp employed in the DSCVR Hackathon Season 2, in which NFT prizes were provided to players.

This platform allowed players to visualize the overall leaderboard and their "Metascore," which is the total of all their scores across all of the games in the hackathon.

The mission of this new Hackathon season was to focus on integration and interoperability between different games and applications so, this project targeted a core aspect of many games: scores.

This project has been built with contributions from many people in the Internet Computer community in a brief period. It will probably be employed in the next season, where the best players of this season will configure the parameters of the tournament.

In a not-so-far future, a product could be created that allows any person or organization to organize their own tournaments and configure everything.

If you want to know more, watch this video where the project is described.

Metascore Platform

3. Best gamers of hackathon season 2

Best gamers were rewarded with special NFTs from their sponsors (IC Puppies, Starverse, ICmojis, ToniqsLab, Motoko School, etc.) and non-transferable badges that grant them special privileges and show the rest of the world that they are among the best players.

List of the winners and the rewards of the Hackathon Tournament in the below tweet:

Besides, the top 100 players will get Internet Astronauts NFTs!

4. Other Games on the Internet Computer


A simple remake of the classic “Minecraft” video game!

EZCraft | Play now & CastyCraft | Play now

Keyboard controls: arrow keys (movements), Space (jump), Left Mouse Button “LMB” (remove blocks), Right Mouse Button “RMB” (add blocks), mouse scrolling (camera), ‘e’ key (Select block), ESC (menu).

3D Hartwig Chess

Do you like chess? Invite a friend and start a game! Themes are configurable, and you can also add board borders.

3D Hartwig Chess | Play now

Keyboard controls: mouse

Lo-Fi player

“Lo-Fi Player” is a virtual room in your browser that lets you play with the BEAT! Try tinkering around with the objects in the room to change the music in real-time. For example, the view outside the window relates to the background sound in the track, and you can change both the visual and the music by clicking on the window.

For more information, visit the following link.

Lo-Fi Player | Play now

Welcome to the Jungle

I don't know if this game is finished. I've only managed to throw the trash can, but I can't get into the bungalow. Are you able to do it?

Welcome to the Jungle | Play Now

Keyboard controls: W, A, S, and M keys (movements), Space (jump), mouse scrolling (camera)

More games on the Internet Computer in my last article:

Best Free To Play Games On The Internet Computer
I will start this article with my favorite game: Pacman. By my choice, you’ve probably realized that I’m not 20 years old anymore, but I’m sure any Millennial or Gen Z has played more than one game!


The Internet Computer is building Web 3.0 and is coming along by leaps and bounds. This second season has yielded great collaboration from the entire community, and Metascore has made it possible to integrate a scoring system that has played a vital role. In addition, the response from the large NFT projects of the Internet Computer has been excellent. The players have been very motivated during these sessions to earn the NFTs they have donated.

Do you think that Hackathon Season 3 will bring more games to the Internet Computer, or will it focus on other types of applications? Stay tuned for announcements on the DSCVR platform!

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