PORTAL: A Stream to Earn Platform

Qasim Azam
PORTAL: A Stream to Earn Platform
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Streaming Problem - Hard to Earn

Live streaming has been around for quite some time, and it's starting to show its age. The same issues arise no matter which service you use; the services only seem to benefit the few.

For most creators, it's a model that's hard to earn, which doesn’t sit right with us. For being a service that shouts “creator first,” it doesn’t feel that way. This is where PORTAL steps in.

PORTAL will be a “creator first” live streaming service. We say this with confidence because PORTAL will adopt the “stream to earn” model. This is a new term we want to popularize with your help! We want streamers big and small to benefit from using our platform the moment they clickstream.

The Streaming Fix - Stream to Earn

To understand the stream-to-earn model, we can look at a similar and already successful “play to earn” video games. Play-to-earn video games have been wildly popular in recent years, thanks to the cryptocurrency boom.

For the first time ever, people can play video games and earn monetarily! Sounds like a good business model, huh? Why not make earning fun? That’s precisely what play to earn is.

You play video games and earn value (crypto/NFTs) in exchange for your time! PORTAL wants to do that with streaming. Stream to earn!

How Portal Will Use Stream to Earn:

  • Earn PRTL tokens while streaming (for streamers) or interacting with streams (for viewers). Tokens will offer real value, and we will share more in the future.
  • Creator-centered monetization: NFT stream Clips (for streamers), NFT drops (for loyal viewers/perks), private streams (tiered content).

Earn while you... Earn?

Earning PRTL tokens while streaming or being a viewer sounds pretty creator-focused to us. Regardless of your audience or size, we want to give you the ability to start earning immediately. However, stream to earn doesn’t start and end with tokenization. We’ve all seen clips of streamers go viral.  

At PORTAL, we asked ourselves, how could we make each creator's moment unique? The obvious answer was NFTs.

We plan to allow streamers to clip and create NFTs of their favorite moments on stream. They can clip them out then choose to airdrop, sell or do whatever else they would like. If you're a viewer, that means tuning in can earn you a lucrative NFT.  For the streamer, it gets more eyes on your stream.

We want to partner with other “to earn” business models to show our commitment to the stream to earn model. To start, we’d like to announce that PORTAL will be the official streaming platform for the upcoming Rise of the Magni tournament! A wonderful game on the Internet Computer which brilliantly lets users earn NFTs while having a good time.

A play-to-earn game on a stream-to-earn platform! No red tape, no barriers. If you’re playing amazing games already, why not hop on PORTAL and earn PRTL tokens while you’re at it! Earn while you earn!


PORTAL has big ambitions, but the first question we want to answer is, why to choose us. We want to make it clear that PORTAL isn’t a cut-and-paste streaming service. The stream to earn model will revolutionize how creators and viewers consume live streaming content.

The Internet Computer gives PORTAL a lot more flexibility with monetizing the user. While these are early days, and we won't see all of this come together all at once, we want to clarify that we have a vision. The upcoming alpha on September 20th, 2021 is step one of that vision.

We hope to see you there!

Connect With Portal:

Portal | Discord | Twitter | DSCVR | distrikt | Email

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