Gigaverse Labs Creates NFT Bridge Between ICP and Polygon

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Gigaverse Labs Creates NFT Bridge Between ICP and Polygon
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

I recently wrote an article about the new Launchpad on the Gigaverse Labs marketplace. However, if you take a look at the marketplace itself and the projects therein, you will find something even more innovative. You can buy and sell Infinity Flies on the Gigaverse Labs marketplace. But how is that possible? Weren’t the flies minted on the Polygon chain? Yes, but Gigaverse Labs has taken the next step in fulfilling their roadmap by creating a bridge to bring Polygon NFTs to the Internet Computer, taking one step closer to having an inter-blockchain marketplace on the Internet Computer.

Let’s take a look at the intuitive and straightforward process.

Moving My Infinity Fly from Polygon to the Internet Computer

I recently bought an Infinity Frog (Gigaverse Labs’ project on Ethereum), and thanks to their Fly ID checker, I knew that the previous owner had never collected the accompanying fly. So after connecting my MetaMask wallet to the frogs’ website (MM has to be on the Polygon mainnet - the site will prompt you to change blockchains if you try to connect while on the Ethereum mainnet). I was able to get my fly for free.

The interface of the Polygon-Internet Computer bridge is basic, making it simple to use. You can clearly see which wallets you have connected and which Infinity Flies are currently on each chain.

Next, it was time to head to Gigaverse Labs’ Internet Computer/Polygon bridge. Again, I connected my MetaMask wallet to the site (again using Polygon mainnet), and this showed all of the Infinity Flies, both the ones I owned on the Internet Computer because I had purchased them on the Gigaverse Marketplace as well as the one I owned on Polygon and could currently only sell on OpenSea.

The gas fee for moving the fly between the Polygon chain and the Internet Computer was mere pennies thanks to the low cost of the Layer 2 chain. I was able to convert some ETH on the Polygon chain to MATIC to use for gas, thanks to a gasless token swap on the Polygon chain. They created the swap so that you don’t have to pay an ETH gas transaction to bridge your MATIC just to pay the cheap Polygon gas fees. Remember to maximize the amount of MATIC you are willing to spend on the gas transaction. This will make the transaction occur almost instantly, and it still will not cost you more than a penny.

I selected edit on the gas fee screen so I could reset the priority to "High." This resulted in a transaction that took just a few seconds despite network traffic - and it still cost under a penny.

Once the fly was on the Internet Computer, it showed up in my Plug wallet and on Gigaverse Marketplace, and I was able to list it without any trouble. The bridge can also send your fly back to the Polygon chain if you decide you would rather sell it for Polygon ETH using OpenSea instead of ICP on the Gigaverse Marketplace.

What the Future Holds

A successful transfer. All 5 Flies are now together in the Plug wallet on the Internet Computer and none are in the MetaMask wallet on the Polygon chain.

This is a great indicator that Gigaverse Labs will continue to reach its inter-blockchain marketplace goals. The next step to tackle will be creating a bridge for the Infinity Frogs to make their way to the Internet Computer from the Ethereum blockchain. Spoiler alert: That bridge fee is going to cost a lot more than the Polygon one for the flies.

In the meantime, Gigaverse Labs now has a way to bring any Polygon chain NFT to Internet Computer, so it’s only a matter of time before they partner up with other projects to bring more Polygon NFTs to the IC.

It may not be a rare fly, but it was free. Thanks, Gigaverse! 

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