Introducing the Gigaverse Marketplace Launchpad for New NFT Collections

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Introducing the Gigaverse Marketplace Launchpad for New NFT Collections
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Gigaverse Marketplace has been live for over two months now. It all started with a test collection of NFTs called ICTest. They started by selling at 0.01 ICP just to give the community an affordable way to test the marketplace with minimal risk. Today the floor price of the collection is 0.3 ICP (30x isn’t bad for test collection) with over 101 ICP in total volume. Since then, other Gigaverse Labs collections have gone live on the marketplace, including ICats and Infinity Flies (I have a lot more to say about those, and I’ll do so in a future article). But the biggest news yet came at the start of April. The Launchpad was ready.

One of my favorite features of the Gigaverse Marketplace is the "Promoted" section that shows the most recently launched projects. This ensures a new launch doesn't get lost behind other collections that didn't sell out rapidly.

Options for NFT Launches on the Internet Computer

Just about a month ago, there was really only one game in town if you wanted to release an NFT collection on the Internet Computer blockchain (unless you wanted to code your own site – which Gigaverse Labs did for their first project – ICPunks). Now, NFT launches have taken place on four different marketplaces on the Internet Computer, including the Gigaverse Marketplace.

The initial offerings were Genshin Dolls and Wojak NFT (there are still some available in both collections, and you can click the links to go directly to the sales). I was happy to test the Launchpad out with Genshin Dolls. Let me tell you how the experience went for me.

The Gigaverse Marketplace Launchpad makes minting an NFT quick and simple. 

An Intuitive and Smooth Minting Experience

The devs from Gigaverse Labs actually helped Crypto4Changemaking with their third-party mint site, so if you minted those, then you have a general idea. However, the team has worked out all the bugs since then, making it a very smooth and intuitive experience. When you select the project that you want to mint, you are met with a bunch of details that will help you make a decision on how to proceed, including:

· Number owned (in case you already bought some and have returned for more)

· The price per NFT

· The balance in the wallet you have connected to the site

· The amount to mint (you can actually type the exact number you want, which I think is a feature that many collectors will love)

· The total purchase cost (it automatically multiplies the amount to mint by the purchase price, so you don’t have to do any math to know if you have enough in your wallet – it’s all right on the screen in front of you – 100% transparency)

Next to this information, there is an image representing the NFT project. Beneath that, you can see the number minted and the total number of NFTs in the collection, as well as the number currently reserved and how many are remaining in the mint. At that point, you just click the mint button, confirm the transaction, and you’ll see your NFTs in your wallet in just a few seconds (I recommend hitting the refresh button and reconnecting your wallet to speed up the process).

Here's the NFT I received in the mint. Rare? No. Cute? Absolutely! 

The Submission Process Is Just a Click Away

You just submit a form to get the process started. You can follow this link or click the button at the top of the screen on the Gigaverse Marketplace. They collect basic information about you and your project, such as the project name, your email address, and the number of items in the collection. You even get to choose your launch date and time (in UTC). Just keep in mind that the link to your project’s Discord server is a required field, so you have to set up the Discord before submitting your project.

The Gigaverse Labs team has been busy, so expect another article about the marketplace and the bridge that is allowing collectors to send their Infinity Flies to the Internet Computer in the near future!

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