Forks, Launch Parties, and Supernova Projects Lead the IC NFT Market Forward

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Forks, Launch Parties, and Supernova Projects Lead the IC NFT Market Forward
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Web3, NFTs, and the Internet Computer blockchain are all about innovation. This is clearly reflected by the past week in the NFTs. Let’s take a look at some of the innovative projects that are lighting up the IC NFT market this week.

CCC Launches Forking in Style with Art from Ludo

I get the impression that Ludo may be a natural-born revolutionary who is also a pacifist, so instead of arms, he took up art. His latest NFT artwork – MANIFESTO – is unlike any other. Thanks to a collaboration with the CCC marketplace, this NFT can be forked. What exactly does that mean?

“People’s power starts with freedom of expression.” – Ludo

When you go to the CCC market, there is a new section called co-collectibles. The first entry in the marketplace is MANIFESTO. Click on #0, and you get the option to select “Fork.” Now you are in an updated version of CCC’s creative platform, and Ludo’s original artwork is your canvas. That’s right! You are now a collaborator with a world-famous artist. You can change the background, write on the board the character is holding, or even paint over the entire thing. You have 100% creative control.

MANIFESTO #0 by Ludo

The first fork was free for BTC Flower holders to do once. After that (and for non-holders), the price is 2 ICP when you mint the project at the end of the creative process. There are 219 in circulation at the time of writing (a maximum of 8888). The floor price is currently 1.5 ICP for sales of forked NFTs, and the collection is over 200 ICP in total volume.

However, this project is about more than just sales. It gives collectors the ability to express themselves freely and allows you to share the canvas with an artist you respect. If you ask me, that’s a lot of value for 2 ICP.

Vibrant Diamond NFT Released Amidst Epic Launch Party

Vibrant Diamonds launched in style last week with a two-day-long launch extravaganza held at the Castagnino+Macro museum in Rosario, Argentina. The exhibition was attended by 4,000 people, and all of the talks were viewed at full capacity. Besides the Vibrant team, projects like Catalyze also took center stage at the event. Some of the artworks featured in the live gallery included BTC Flower, distrikt’s PODs, Poked bots, Cosmicrafts, IC Boxy, TacoNFTs, and more!

Between the two days of the event, the launch took place, and 1,000 Vibrant Diamonds sold out in just minutes. In just the first few days of secondary market trading, the volume has already reached more than 1,200 ICP, and the floor was 4.5 ICP at the time of writing. This project really showcases what a team can do when they are committed to sharing the beauty of NFTs with the world. The Internet Computer community came together to help them make it a special event. We hope there are many more events like this one in the future of Internet Computer!

Vibrant Diamond #338

To get a feel for how quickly the Internet Computer ecosystem is expanding and just how much work devs are doing behind the scenes, you’re going to want to check out the Supernova project gallery. Here are just a few highlights that are related to NFT projects.

· Obsidian Tears – It looks like a classic 90s 2D RPG video game, but it’s 100% hosted on the IC blockchain. The preview video immediately gave me Legend of Zelda vibes, even before I read their inspiration and saw that it was one of the classic games the team played growing up. A unique feature of the game will be the community’s ability to play a role in the ongoing creation of the game.

The OG character mint began on June 23rd, and more than half have sold already despite a hefty price tag. But if 30 ICP is too much for you to spend right now, they will begin releasing other character types on June 30th at a price of 5 ICP. Another note worth mentioning is that OG holders will receive an airdrop of each class type forever.

· Astronautics HQ – Astronautics is a GameFi project coming to the Internet Computer with stunning 3D NFTs. They are also bringing humor, as can be clearly noted in their Supernova demo video. The team is currently building their community, and we look forward to a limited edition launch of Nauts, who will serve as in-game pilots. Besides the racing game, there is also a lot of merch in the future. Since the team has Hasbro UK on their resume, it’s no wonder that a physical board game release is likely to be one of the first launches, along with music, collectible figures, a card game, clothing, and more!

· ICity – Did you hold onto your free ICmoe airdrops? If not, there’s still some time to get them on the secondary market (although they were selling for 0.1 ICP a week ago, and now they will cost you about 0.5 ICP). The team is developing an NFT bridge, and ICmoe holders will get first access. NFT holders will be able to convert their NFT into a PassCard that provides them with channel access and voting rights. The team partnered up with Yumi market for technical support and for their next launch as they continue working on their roadmap.

· Kontribute – Kontribute is where NFTs and storytelling meet. Not only has the team launched their own NFT collection (Bonsai Warriors), but they also have a three-chapter intro story which included community voting to determine the direction the story took. If you want to create art and a compelling story, the Kontribte dApp gives you a great platform to work from, including a secondary marketplace for NFT sales after the launch is over.

Cropped screenshot of the homepage.

These are just a few of the amazing projects that you can view in the Supernova project gallery. Every project had to submit a video that talks about the work they have accomplished. Some even contain links to already functional websites. So you never know what you may find while browsing. Just be sure to give a Like to your favorite projects, so they get the attention they deserve. For example, don’t forget to Like dSquad’s entry, watch the video, and scroll to the bottom of the page for a link to try out the new dashboard.

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