Drakon NFT Collection Pairs Stunning Art & Compelling Storytelling

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Drakon NFT Collection Pairs Stunning Art & Compelling Storytelling
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Drakon is a collection of 8888 dragons on the Internet Computer blockchain set to launch Friday, April 8th, from the Entrepot launchpad. The Public Sale price of just 1.8 ICP (1.5 ICP for whitelisted addresses) is an extremely fair and welcome relief to the ecosystem after so many projects have charged 3-7 ICP lately. When you combine the affordable price with the beautiful artwork and well-researched lore surrounding the collection, you have the recipe for a valuable NFT project.

Drakon has been able to build up a strong community in preparation for its launch. They have over 1000 members in their DSCVR portal, over 2000 followers on Twitter, and more than 4000 verified members on Discord. So there are definitely enough community members for a successful and rapid sale.

Let’s take a closer look at this collection to see what has the Internet Computer community so excited!

Drakon NFTs feature unique art that should appeal to all sorts of collectors.

The Drakon Website

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the Drakon website. The artwork and background lore are both prominent on the homepage of this website. The roadmap also appears front and center, reminding us that the team is committed to maximizing long-term value for holders. There are a number of ways they intend to reach this goal.

Step 1

Launching the collection of 8888 dragons

Step 2

Airdrop eggs to Drakon NFT holders (slated for Q2) The artist has already shared sneak peeks of these eggs on their Discord.

Step 3

Launching the Knights collection – 8888 NFTs – Drakon holders are guaranteed a whitelist spot (Q3)

Step 4

The Dragons & Knights Card Game Launch – This game will release in Q1 2023 and is exclusively playable for holders of the Dragons and Knights NFT collections.

"Rushing" is an abstract dragon artwork featured as a part of the 8888 NFT collection.

There is so much more on the website besides the home page. The content contains information on everything from the eight dragon types featured in the collection to the meaning behind one of the abstract dragon paintings that is available as a part of the collection (it will be auctioned according to the website). Be sure to read everything to get a feel for how much the project means to the developers.

Immense Research and Planning

I’m really impressed with how much research and development went into this project. First of all, the developers researched dragons around the world. Humans have been fascinated with dragons for millennia, and this really comes to the fore as your read about the Zhulong Dragon, the Slavic Dragon, Tiamet, Ouroboros, Leviathan, Fafnir, Druk, and the many other stories of dragons from mankind’s history.

Beautiful stories are spun for each of the dragon types.

The team’s storyteller – DrakonLORD – dove deep into these myths and legends when developing the lore for the eight types of dragons featured in the NFT collection. DrakonLORD has a degree in creative writing, so it’s no wonder he is able to bring these dragon tales to life in an immersive and compelling manner.

You can read an overview of the team and the lore surrounding the dragons here on the Dfinity Community website.

Now let’s dive into a crucial part of any NFT project – the artwork!

Dragons Come Alive in Striking Design and Color

The dragon art has continued to evolve as the mint day has drawn near, and a collection that started out beautiful and colorful has now become sleek and satisfying while still maintaining its original aesthetic. The fact is that there is no other project on the Internet Computer (or any other blockchain for that matter) that looks quite like these dragons.

While the art started square in layout, the NFTs are now formatted in portrait style. This has allowed the talented artist – Soulfang – to really spread his wings and create some dynamic dragon shapes along with incredible backgrounds. In fact, that seems to be the primary upgrade that came next – the backgrounds went from being rather basic to being extraordinary designs.

The Ulgard dragon type features, delightful dragon art, stunning backgrounds, and colorful traits

In the end, the collection has a much better “playing card” feel with the redesign of the shape and background of the cards. And Entrepot worked out how to display portrait orientation art in thumbnails at just the right time.

One thing that makes this collection stand out to me is the brilliant use of color. The rainbow colors of the DFINITY Foundation symbol often make their way into NFT collections. However, I believe that Soulfang found a way to integrate it so it really makes sense and adds beauty to the collection, rather than just trying to create some “DFINITY” traits for collectors.

I just want to add to this that Soulfang’s love of Dragon Ball Z really comes through in the collection – not in a derivative way but as a subtle nod to the classic anime series. Be sure to look for 7 “Infinity Balls” in the collection since they will unlock a special NFT.

A Long-Term High-Value NFT Project

With a roadmap that stretches into 2023, there are a lot of good things to come in the future for Drakon NFT holders. Druk – the team’s developer – has a master’s degree in computer science and long-time involvement with the Internet Computer blockchain. In fact, he’s a member of the 8-year gang and is working hard to add Motoko coding to his extensive Java development knowledge.

The Drakon roadmap extends in 2023 and includes a playable card game for holders.

This knowledge, experience, and love of the Internet Computer are sure to translate into a successful roadmap. So I’m really looking forward to where the project will go, not just from day one but on into the future.

The Journey Begins Friday, April 8th, for Dragon Lovers

Whether you are a fan of Drakon for the art, the storyline, the future card game, the promised airdrops, the talented team, or the sheer love of dragons – Friday, April 8th will be an exciting day for the Internet Computer ecosystem. What can you do while you await the launch? Here are the links to help you do your own research.

· Drakon website

· Drakon Twitter account

· Drakon DSCVR portal

· Drakon Discord server

Learn more about the project, and don’t forget to fund your Stoic or Plug wallet before the sale goes live on the Entrepot Launchpad this Friday, April 8th. Remember: You’ll need 1.8 ICP per dragon you intend to mint (1.5 ICP if your wallet is whitelisted). We’ll see you there!

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