Drakon: The Lore of the Lands

Drakon: The Lore of the Lands
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We at the Dfinity Community are pleased to present the Drakon NFT Collection. The team has a clearly defined roadmap and is planning to launch a game next year.  It is clear that a lot of research has gone into 'Dragons around the World'  and we hope you enjoy the lore created by DragonLORD which we feature here in this article.

There are 8 separate dragons representing 8 different Kingdoms. Four Kingdoms align with the forces of good, while the other four are aligned with the forces of darkness.

They are split into two opposing factions, the Greermore alliance containing the benevolent dragons, and the Sourgrad Axis, composed of destructive forces.

Greermore Alliance:


A powerful fire-breathing dragon and the leader of the faction. Inhabits a moat in a castle on a hill in the Kingdom of Baressia.


A dragon with a large wingspan capable of creating strong winds. Lives in the cavernous terrain of Modaniva.


A jovial dragon intent only on creating prosperity for humankind. It has gorgeous shimmering scales and can fly at immense speed. Resides in the Kingdom of Dolineria.


The most intelligent of all the dragons residing in the hilly ramparts of the Kingdom of the Senedd, he is able to see into the future, using a temporal window, but this comes at great cost to his health.

Sourgrad Axis:


The leader of the opposition. Grundy is sly and cunning and is able to trick victims into its lair in the Kingdom of Skewen by mimicking a voice of human distress. Grundy has poor eyesight but flies around using echolocation.


An immensely powerful yet stupid Dragon, that often slumbers in the Valleys of the Ronda. Easily manipulated by Grundy.


A dragon whose pleasant appearance is misleading as his motives are always destructive. Lives in a Swamp in the Kingdom of Talbort, the largest Kingdom yet one that is largely uninhabitable to most living things.


Perpetually hungry, Griff hunts relentlessly for all manner of food and furiously attacks anything in its path. Needs to take an anger management class for dragons.

The Team

Artist- Soulfang

I would describe myself as an abstract artist who likes to experiment with things digitally. I enjoy experimenting with shapes and utilizing them in clustered and chaotic ways.

I especially like dragons, and growing up, watching a lot of Dragon Ball Z inspired me to engage in a creative process involving dragons. I used to draw Goku, and when given a chance to draw dragons or DRAKONS, I added some elements to the collection. I wanted to integrate infinity balls, color themes, and similar backgrounds for our Dragonball Z fans.

Dragons are majestic creatures, and I wanted to create a collection of colorful dragons yet still retain a powerful core essence of dragons and hope that I did justice to them. We created a collection of 8888 because the number 8 is a lucky number in China, and it is the year of the dragon there.

We are making 8 Dragons and a total of 8888 Drakon NFTs. We also have SEVEN infinity Balls that need to be collected that will unlock a special NFT I like to create things that can have an open interpretation, and thus I flirt with abstract aestheticism in my designs.

Coder- Druk

I have a master's in computer science and have been doing Java development for over ten years and IT for over 15 years. I got involved in the Internet Computer ecosystem early on and love the reverse gas & predictable cycles model. I am an 8-year gang member I recently got into Motoko, and I love the experience. I am responsible for the technical aspects of the project.

Writer- DrakonLORD

I have experience in journalism, technical writing, and creative writing and have a degree in creative writing. I decided to research ‘Dragons of the World’, which has been added to our website to give an overview of dragons, then used this knowledge to inform my writing of the lore. We have an ambitious roadmap and are looking forward to bringing the first dragon-related collection to the Internet Computer.


Q1/Q2 2022

Launch 8888 Drakon Collection

Q2 2022  - Airdrop eggs , which will hatch and become baby dragons to existing Drakon holders.

Q3 2022 - Launch 8888 Knight collection . Drakon holders are whitelisted automatically.

Q1 2023 - Dragons & Knight Card Game Launch.

Connect with Drakon

Twitter | Discord | Website

Connect With Us:

Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Facebook | Email

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Graphic Designer  - Jay Damani : Twitter | Instagram

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