Dfinity Community Forms Strategic Partnership with ICPSwap

Daniel James
Daniel James
Dfinity Community Forms Strategic Partnership with ICPSwap
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The largest Internet computer community, Dfinity Community, has joined forces with ICPSwap, the hub of future decentralized finance.

Dfinity Community is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with ICPSwap. Realizing that the coordination of our efforts will result in stronger and more cohesive growth for the Internet Computer ecosystem, we have decided to collaborate in order to actively promote a new age of decentralized finance on the world's most advanced blockchain.

Following several meetings and communications in which it became apparent that both communities share the same vision and goals, we have decided to support ICP Swap in order to promote their mission to:

· Provide full-stack financial, market, and DAO services.

· Establish an ecosystem of genuinely decentralized finance by refactoring the way users and developers build projects jointly.

· Become a next-generation decentralized exchange based on the Internet Computer.

Since the launch of Genesis, the Internet Computer has been growing exponentially, recently surpassing over 400 million blocks. Yet, in the coming months and years, the world will truly realize the groundbreaking innovation that has been unleashed and how it will change the internet and modern communications as we know it.

Together, Dfinity Community and ICP Swap will help make this focus a reality by collaborating to unleash the next generation of decentralized finance for web3.

About ICP Swap

ICPSwap Token (ICS) is an ecological token of ICPSwap as well as a governance token, with a total issuance of 1 billion. With ICPSwap's flexible, diverse, and business incentive mining applications and governance scenarios, each ICS embeds itself in the entire ICPSwap ecosystem. ICS will eventually capture the value of the ICPSwap ecosystem by creating a perfect deflationary model through continuous repurchase and burn.


Q1 2022

Complete the private sale and public sale

Issue ICS tokens

List ICS

Optimize the function of setting various custom parameters of ICPSwap

Complete the code audit of ICPSwap 1.0

Q2 2022

Launch the ecosystem integration program

Launch ICPSwap 1.0 and liquidity mining

Eco-cooperation and marketing activities

Commence the public testing of the DAO Governance Module conduct officially

Launch the ICS-burning plan

Q3 2022

Complete ICPSwap 2.0 code audit and launch it

Conduct all-round ICPSwap DAO Governance

Deploy NFT innovative features and testing

Introduce Chain key cross-chain innovation functions

Launch the ecosystem developer funding plan

Q4 2022

Launch NFT innovation functions

Expand the ICPSwap ecosystem

Explore the possibility of providing financial and

Market services cross-chain

Conduct all-round DAO Governance of other projects

Connect with ICP Swap:

Twitter | Website | DSCVR  Medium

Connect With Us:

Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Facebook | Email

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