Dfinity Community Forms Strategic Partnership with ICP League

Daniel James
Daniel James
Dfinity Community Forms Strategic Partnership with ICP League

Two of the Internet Computer’s leading communities have joined forces to promote everything related to Dfinity and the Internet computer.

Dfinity Community is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with ICP League. Realizing that the coordination of our efforts will result in stronger and more cohesive growth, we have decided to collaborate in order to create the largest community ecosystem in the blockchain world.

Following several meetings and communications in which it became apparent that both communities share the same vision and goals, we have decided to support each other in several regards:

· Co-organization of Events

This will include hackathons, meet-ups, conferences, and so on.

· Co-incubation of Internet Computer-based projects

· Collaboration in research, education, and community outreach programs

· Co-launch initiatives aimed at the exponential growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem

Since the launch of Genesis recently, the Internet Computer has been attracting increasing attention in the crypto space, yet it is in the coming months and years that the world will truly realize the groundbreaking innovation that has been unleashed, and how it will change the internet and modern communications as we know it. Together, the Dfinity Community and ICP League will help to make this focus become a reality.

About ICP League

The purpose of the ICP League is to serve DFINITY developers and enthusiasts, provide one-stop information services for enthusiasts, provide a learning and communication platform for developers, and partners with Anmi Capital to provide incubation and funding support, ultimately promoting the development of the open internet.

Connect with ICP League:

Twitter | Website | Telegram

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