BTC Flower Drives a Massive Trading Week on the Internet Computer

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
BTC Flower Drives a Massive Trading Week on the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

6 NFT Projects See a 30% or Greater Increase in floor price as profits are redistributed into the ecosystem.

The Internet Computer’s NFT Marketplace may have just had its best week ever, and it would be remiss not to give at least some of the credit to the success of BTC Flower. The liquidity this is creating for some collectors who have sold BTC Flowers for 100 ICP or more is certainly behind some of the massive floor sweeps we’ve seen in several of the top projects and even some new or up-and-coming projects. Let’s take a look at the week’s top performers.

BTC Flower on the Entrepot Marketplace

The Top 6 Projects for the First Week of February 2022

There were six projects with floor price increases of 30% or more to begin with. I’ll also provide a list of other projects with rising floor prices.

BTC Flower – There’s no surprise here. BTC Flower is changing the face of the NFT Marketplace on the Internet Computer, attracting the attention of serious collectors from other blockchains. From Monday to Monday, the floor price of BTC Flower jumped from 16.32 ICP to 88 ICP – an increase of 439%.

By volume, BTC Flower has now passed Motoko for the third spot on Entrepot and has set its sights on ICPunks and Poked bots to try and reach the number one spot this week. Things are just getting started as 10 AM EST on Sunday marked just two weeks since the BTC Flower launch.

ICApes – News of 3D Baby Apes and serums to create 3D Mutant Apes are driving sales increases and availability decreases. The number of apes for sale dropped from 2678 to 2086, while the floor price rose 38% from .80 ICP to 1.1 ICP.

Preview of 3D Baby Apes from the ICApes Medium blog

Poked Bots – Poked bots was the most affordable of the top tier projects on the Internet Computer last Monday, with the floor price still at 6.1 ICP. However, it jumped 48% this past week, an increase of 48%. You’re going to have to pay out if you want to collect multiple bots from the types that holders will be able to burn for the upcoming Gen2 bots.

Meanwhile, as I was writing this article, Poked bots became the number one project on Entrepot in secondary sales, so a big congrats on that accomplishment to the Pokedstudio team!

Motoko Day Drop – After a quiet start to the new year, the Mokoto NFTs have experienced a 32% jump in floor price this week from 11 ICP to 14.54 ICP. Several wallets purchased multiple Mokotos, and chatter in the Discord server reveals some new collectors are arriving. According to RaisinRank, 6911 unique wallets hold Motoko NFTs, and only 701 collectors have more than one.

ICats – The Gigaverse Marketplace is drawing closer to going live, and it's driving sales on all of their projects. While a 22% increase in floor price (from 15.3 ICP to 18.64 ICP) for ICPunks didn’t make the top six for the week, their free drop for punk holders – ICats – recovered from two weeks of losses and then some.

A move from a 1.28 ICP floor to 1.69 ICP represents a 32% increase. Gigaverse announced in the Discord that ICats would go live on their marketplace before punks, perhaps driving new interest in the collection.

A screenshot of the Gigaverse Marketplace homepage

· ICP Art (Equanimity) – Both ICP Art collections increased in floor price this week. The first set (Tranquility) didn’t make the top six, but it did increase 16% from 8.5 ICP to 9.9 ICP. The second collection (Equanimity) made an even more impressive move from 6.9 ICP to 9 ICP, representing a 30% floor price increase.

I have to include some honorable mentions because several projects would have made the list in a slower week. I already mentioned a few above when they were from the same developers. A few other increases include:

Cronic Critters – The floor rose 16% from 5.45 ICP to 6.34 ICP.

IC Puppies – The puppies were seventh for the week with a 28% floor price increase from 3.9 ICP to 5 ICP. Plus, the puppy wearables also jumped 26% in price from .19 ICP to .24 ICP.

Elementum: Interitus – The floor rose 26% from 1 ICP to 1.26 ICP.

New Entries to the Internet Computer Secondary Marketplace

Two new projects sold out and entered the secondary market in the past week. ICPics saw over 1500 ICP in volume in just a few days of trading following an instant sell-out on Friday. The floor price is currently 1.28 ICP, just above the 1.25 ICP sale price. Keep in mind that people who bought in bulk paid as little as 1 ICP. The other project to enter the marketplace is Infernal Vampire Colony Gen2. The current floor price is .32 ICP.

ICPics on the Entrepot Marketplace

What to Watch This Week

This week, I’m going to be keeping an eye on all of the top projects. I expect BTC Flower to claim the number one spot by volume. It will be interesting to see if Punks, Bots, Flowers, and Motokos can all maintain these new ATH floor prices and the increased volume of trading that occurred in the past week.

I’ll also be watching Internet Astronauts with their new DSCVR portal and announcement on Discord about colorful writing in DSCVR being available in the next two weeks. The 3200 collection holders are finally starting to get the benefits we knew were on the way.

*Editor's note: Good luck to Catpirate in his new venture at Internet Astronauts.

The Internet Astronauts Discord announcement appears to preview what colorful writing on DSCVR will look like.

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