Announcing The DfinityPad: A Springboard For Viable Startups

Announcing The DfinityPad: A Springboard For Viable Startups
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

DfinityPad is here to usher in new projects into the Internet Computer Protocol. It’s bound to be an exciting journey towards transforming ideas into projects that stand the test of time.

It’s time to use a few words to pinpoint some of the attributes of the DfinityPad — including the goals, expectations, and plans going forward.

DfinityPad is ICP’s very first launchpad — and we have a few aces up our sleeves to match that status.

Launchpad At Heart

DfinityPad Solves the age-long query of chain choices for start-ups. Only a thoroughbred launchpad like DfinityPad cares about the fine details in bringing an idea to life.

By opting for the DfinityPad, start-ups can focus on what counts — ensuring the viability of their project on ICP.


The best launchpads are those lacking the conventional puppet strings — no puppet master calling the shots. That’s the DfinityPad model.

It’s totally at the mercy of the community — which can be a double-edged sword. For projects looking to put their tokens in the hands of more people, DfinityPad is your best bet.

Being the first IDO launchpad on ICP has its perks and benefits. Pioneers always have the largest share of any space, and that’s what you get by launching your project on DfinityPad.

No Homebrew Shenanigans

DfinityPad spares new projects, the hassles of a homebrew sales contract and all the time spent coding things that become useless after a few hours. These are perks you’d only get on centralized outfits, but DfinityPad had taken up the mantle.

Projects looking to raise funds and share ICP based tokens can rely on the DfinityPad to handle all the processes. That’s ample developer time spared crafting codes.

Build Reputation, Save Time

Start-ups that hold their presale on the DfinityPad can be confident of their reputation in the close-knit crypto community. Automatic liquidity locking is often used to assess the standing of a start-up.

Through the DfinityPad smart contracts, all these are taken care of. Quoted percentages of the funds raised are automatically added to the DEX and tokens locked. Everything stays visible to users looking to confirm such things.

The Two Vs

DfinityPad has a reputation to protect, and we are highly sensitive about our community. What this means is that projects will be screened accordingly.

Certain criteria have to be met before a project makes it to the DfinityPad.

Viability and verifiability are two things that will decide the projects hosted on the DfinityPad.

Projects have to be audited, and background checks on these start-ups are confirmed.

Lots of scam projects abound in the crypto space looking to exploit unsuspecting investors. Such won’t happen on the DfinityPad, and we have taken steps to checkmate those that try.

Bridging the Gap

Launchpads might be a dime a dozen on other chains, but that’s not the case on the Internet Computer Protocol. This creates a widening gap between innovators on the ICP and those looking to invest in new ideas.

DfinityPad is set to provide the platform to close that lacuna, offering these start-ups the springboard they seek to raise funds for their operation.

The DfinityPad will be a tiered system that offers every investor the opportunity to get involved, regardless of their financial status.

Closing Remarks

Internet Computer Protocol is a virgin chain with enormous potential, just waiting for the right projects to bring such to limelight. Through DfinityPad, new startups can rise to the challenge and bring forth wholesome innovations, tapping into the immense potential of the ICP.

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