Animal Guardians Supports ROLDA with Panda Queen NFT Launch

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Animal Guardians Supports ROLDA with Panda Queen NFT Launch
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Panda Queen NFT collection from Animal Guardians with art by Mark Sarmel will be launching on Friday, March 4th at 3 PM UTC on Entrepot. This is the first Animal Guardians collection, and they are proud to use some of the proceeds from the initial sale to support two essential animal welfare charities:

· 30% of the ICP from the initial sale will be sent to the Romanian League in Defense of Animals (ROLDA) to help dogs in eastern Europe.

· 5% of the ICP from the initial sale will be forwarded to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help pandas, tigers, and other animals in the wild.

The World Wildlife Fund logo from their Twitter profile

So what will happen with the other 65% of the initial sale funds? It is important to keep in mind that Animal Guardians itself is not a charity itself. So while a large portion of our sales is donated to charities that support animal welfare, the remainder of the funds will go to the development team and will also support future Animal Guardians projects.

Why Is ROLDA Such an Important Charity Right Now?

Laita - the first puppy rescued in 2022

It is more vital than ever before to support ROLDA. First of all, Romania has one of the largest stray animal populations in eastern Europe. It is estimated that 70% of puppies born in Romania do not survive. Therefore, ROLDA uses donations to provide the following crucial services:

· Rescue for dogs, donkeys, and other animals

· Rehabilitation and medical care for rescued animals

· Maintains two private no-kill dog shelters with space for 720 dogs

· Facilitates the adoption of dogs throughout the European Union

· Provides sterilization and microchipping for dogs

· Provides educational services – raising awareness regarding animal neglect, abuse, overpopulation, and so on

· Fights illegal dog shelters that do more harm than good

The ROLDA logo from their Twitter profile

But why is ROLDA needed now more than ever before? They are currently working to support Ukrainian refugees entering Romania to be able to care for pets they are traveling with. Services include free pet food, veterinary care, and other provisions for individuals who would now have no feasible way to continue to care for the health and safety of their beloved pets.

What Can You Do to Help Both Domestic and Wild Animals?

First, you will want to visit the ROLDA website – – to learn more about the charity and to see how you can also donate directly to this cause. Don’t forget to follow ROLDA’s socials, such as their Twitter account @ROLDAOrg.

Sample from the Animal Guardians collection

You can also support the release of Animal Guardians on Friday, March 4th. Remember that 30% of the proceeds will go to ROLDA and another 5% to the WWF. Here is the information you need to know about the Animal Guardians mint:

· Whitelist price: 1.25 ICP

· Public sale price: 1.45 ICP

· Bulk purchase discount: 10% off for bundles of 5 NFTs or more

We look forward to a successful sale for the Animal Guardians team and to seeing the benefits that come from their donations to animal welfare charities.

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