A Guide to Blue Chip NFTs on the Internet Computer

A Guide to Blue Chip NFTs on the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Internet Computer is the most robust blockchain for building web3 applications and the true metaverse. Internet Computer NFTs can have incredible token standards, zero gas web speed transactions, and everything is hosted on-chain.

Internet Computer Canister Smart Contracts are highly composable and the Metaverse will flow like river on-chain, forming an Ocean of Web3 culture and economy.

This article is solely opinion-based and not financial advice in any way. I love all of the DFINITY projects on the Internet Computer, and they have massive potential. I won’t be discussing much on the NFT standards, but just a brief discussion on some of the current NFT projects and why I think they will be blue-chips.

This analysis is based on the community, the team strength, token standards, quality and type of the art, and utility, and most importantly - my opinion.

I still recommend waiting for CAP - Certified Asset Provenance by Psychedelic.ooo to look at the distribution and other details. Not enough metrics are available to do deep research, and ledgers don't lie.

The 3D Moonwalker NFT collection by the IC Gallery alone has a file size of more than 200GB hosted entirely on-chain. Meanwhile, it still costs millions of dollars to store 1 GB of Smart Contract data on Ethereum.

Almost all of the projects use the Exponent platform by Toniq Labs, enabling them to do wonders never seen before with NFTs.

Exponent: Unlimited Exchange Platform
The foundation of everything we build at Toniq Labs. Our biggest project wielding the internet computer to rival Enjin

Here are some of the blue-chips:

Cronics P2E

  • First NFT on the Internet Computer.
  • Developed by Toniq Labs, the team that created the first NFT marketplace on the Internet Computer.
  • Part of the Play 2 Earn game, Use Exponent ( an NFT Platform) developed by Toniq labs itself.
  • Bringing a play-to-earn game soon, check the cronics dashboard here.
  • Toniq Labs has a great team and support from the community.

The team had not focused on art and had solely focused on token standards and utility. The team also held back 1,000 Gen0 NFTs for promotion.

IC Punks

  • Grantee recipient from DFINITY, using their token standard.
  • Massive hype during the launch overloaded the Internet Computer Boundary nodes.
  • Bringing marketplace and cross-chain (Ethereum Integration).
  • Frogs will be the first NFTs to leap from ETH to ICP, and they are planning to airdrop holders of ICPunks and Infinity Frogs.

The team held the 1 / 1 Punks and others. Approximately 100+ Punks were distributed to ambassadors and others.

All of the 1/1 Infinity Frogs were held by the team, apparently for the marketing and development of the project. The floor price of the Infinity Frogs on OpenSea tanked almost 80% from the mint price. The team had allowed users to mint up to 20 NFTs per transaction, causing the 9900 NFTs to be distributed among only 4000 holders.


  • 4000+ pre-orders and the core principle is the expansion of the Internet Computer by rewarding users to engage with the Internet Computer on a daily basis and creating network effects.
  • Planning to collaborate with many projects and has collaborated with many projects.
  • Novel concept engage to earn and self-customizable NFTs.
  • Users can customize and Mint the NFT by themselves.
  • Extremely Bullish on the team, by DFINITY Community / ICP Squad.
  • Accessories don't have any hoarding limitations and but do have a burn mechanism.
Our pre-order process is still open! Get an amazing level 3 ICP Squad NFT for 1 ICP. Join here.

It doesn't have a hard cap because it is an Engage 2 Earn game. No concept of character rarity as every NFT will be unique because a human customizes it. NFT Avatars are limited to one per human being, so no hoarding. Characters are multi-tier with different pricing.

*Disclaimer: I am part of the ICP Squad team and am getting paid by Uncle Jeff Bezos in billions to shill this project.
  • 3D NFT comprises three files:  An avatar image, Animated video, and 3D model asset for the metaverse.
  • Comes with tons of utility.
  • Accesskey NFT and Augmented Reality 3D Models.
  • NFT is linked to governance and access to certain rooms of the IC Gallery.
  • Solid roadmap and great team via ICPMaximalist.

The sale price was decreased from 7 ICP to 3.5 ICP, and initial buyers are being compensated with NFTs and privileges for being early supporters. The Gallery is absolutely huge and they are building a virtual world, similar to Decentraland. Therefore, no extreme marketing strategies are utilized.

NFTStudio Poland

  • 3D WASM NFT Minting engine and has announced token details.
  • Bringing insane NFT minting engine, allowing users to mint a whole game as an NFT.
  • The team is also creating a 3D NFT marketplace, incredible team, and 3D NFT pieces.
  • The team airdropped the first 3D NFTs on the Internet Computer to its community.

Check out this amazing interactive 3D NFT HUECO MUNDO (entirely on-chain).

Hueco Mundo by NFTStudio Poland

NFT studio has delayed the marketplace launch for the time being, but its website/marketplace looks impressive. The team has also released the details about tokenomics on their discord.

Poked Studio Bot

You can see some of the bots from the launched collection moving around in a completely different world.
  • High-quality art with ultra high resolution on those 3D bots.
  • Signature artwork by the Poked studio.
  • Plans on creating a metaverse called UN-game_land.
  • Bots have utility in the metaverse.
  • Shilled by DFINITY and Dominic Williams, as Poked Studio previously worked with the Foundation for Creatives and the adorable Motoko Logo.

The team has not released many details or documentation. I would like to see more information about the utility of these NFTs. Poked always kills it with high res high-quality art.


  • Community-driven open source NFT project, managed by open source Devs. Organic community with prominent IC OG Devs on the management right now.
  • This NFT was airdropped to DSCVR users and was open-sourced immediately.
  • Community members are adding utility and value to the NFT.
  • The community team has announced a roadmap on their discord.
  • Open Source metaverse - DripLand.

Drip is just a list of items, so there is no artwork right now. However, the community is planning on creating artwork for these drip items. Plans are being made to allow users to decouple items from the list and trade them separately. Welcome to ICP NFTs :)


  • Developed Bunny Protocol and God's own protocol.
  • DFINITY Grantee recipient.
  • The team had shared a sneak peek of 3D Bunny concepts.
  • Token economy with NFT x DeFi (BunnySwap with carrots). Your Bunnies bring you carrots from November 20th.
  • Breedable Bunnies using Shared NFT Transfer Protocol.
  • Bunnies become Zombies when they die after their lifespan ends.

Here's the distribution table published by the ICPBunny team:

You can also check the stats of your bunny on ICPBunny.com

ICPBunny Dapp platform
Dear ICPBunny Familia,
BunnyNest — Humble beginnings to the real world assets with NFT
Dear ICPBunny Familia,

ICPBunny is one of the most underrated projects on the Internet Computer IMO. The team did not have a robust launch but managed to sell out 6.5K Bunnies out of 10,000 for the price of 0.35 ICP each. 1800 Bunnies were burned (not 100% exactly sure about this, as per previous sources, bunnies die and become zombies).

Credit: ICPBunny


  • Community built and won the hackathon with ICMoji origins game.
  • Received funding for the game through hackathon and is creating a game.
  • Limited emojis and users were airdropped with NFTs for holding ICMojis.
  • Working on integration with DSCVR for gated portals and holder privileges.

Emojis are limited in number, and no breeding/cloning mechanism has been revealed yet. The game has restrictions for certain game modes. A game mode needed a minimum of 6 ICMojis to play, where users could stake their NFTs and lock their moves to autoplay 24/7.

This staking model was pretty clever and brought a very innovative concept of passive browser gaming. The game mode was called "Missions," where users send their ICmojis on Missions. These missions are ICMojis fighting with predetermined moves against an opponent.  This allowed ICMoji whales to snowball and led casual players to grind for the hackathon competition.

New ICmoji Game Reveal
The ones who have been following the ICmoji project long enough will know that our team is dedicated to make ICmojis as versatile as…

Motoko NFT

I'm not sure if this one fits my criteria for blue-chip; there is no utility proposed for these NFTs as of now. Over 7000 Motoko NFTs were airdropped to the DSCVR users. The remaining NFTs were claimed on NFT.NYC2021.

  • Superb art by Poked Studio.
  • Crossed 10,000 ICP in volume within just 4 to 5 days of launch.
  • The community is strong.

Internet Astronauts

  • It has high-quality art and a big community.
  • They are building a space station where users can access their NFT and paint pixel art on canvases.
  • First dappverse on the Internet Computer, planning to release an NFT Gated portal on DSCVR and giving users privileges on the particular portal.

The team is anonymous as they like to keep the suspense building. However, they have been verified by Entrepot. The team does not release updates very often.

Other Projects to Watch out for

  • Infinity Pets NFT.
  • BTC Flower.
  • ICPArt.
  • Blockchain Heroes.
  • ICApes.
  • Wild and West NFTs.
  • CipherProxy Intelligent NFTs.
  • Crown by Psychedelic DAO.

Pixel Art

  • ICPuppies - Highest sold for 265 ICP and has a strong community.
  • IC Kitties - Yet to Launch.
  • IC turtle - Yet to Launch.
  • Crowd Creative Collections.

I may have missed many other projects. I will do a review on them when I get the time to do so :)

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